If your lil’ dancers spend all afternoon choreographing their own moves to the latest Disney Channel super star, you might want to consider taking the dancing out of the living room and into the studio. We rounded up a few of the hippest hip-hop classes for kids in LA, where they can learn to break, pop and lock, and you can learn to stand in awe of their youthful flexibility and amazing abilities.

blackbird dance yelpphoto: Alexandra B. via Yelp

Blackbird Dance
Blackbird is the perfect spot to try if your mini dancer is shy or on the fence when it comes to committing to classes. Instead of the monthly billed classes and annual fees of most studios, here you can purchase passes for as little as four classes at a time. You can also do a drop-in trial class for $15 if you want to try things out first. That doesn’t mean, however, that the classes aren’t amazingly professional. Not only does Blackbird offer classes for kids starting at age 4 like Basic Hip-Hop Skills, but they also have more specialized classes, like Break Dancing and Funk, which is a mixture of jazz and hip-hop. They also offer a summer camp that includes hip-hop among other dance classes.

Details: Classes are available at various times Monday through Saturday. Group class passes start at $50 for four lessons.

305 N. Fairfax Ave.
Online: blackbirddance.com

hip-hop-ciaraphoto: Ciara Dance

Ciara Dance
Ciara is a cozy, family oriented studio. Like their traditional dance offerings, the hip-hop classes are all about developing real skills while still having fun. Starting at age 5 and going all the way up to adults (in case you decide you want to join the fun), the classes are taught by industry-experienced dancers. In addition to a year-end recital, Ciara also offers something not all studios do, which is the chance for any students, regardless of age or experience, to participate in a professional-level Nutcracker production. There isn’t any hip-hop in the show, of course, but it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind dance experience that let’s kids experience the joys of performing.

Details: Classes are offered ‪Monday through Saturday, see the schedule for specific times. Fees are billed monthly and are based on weekly hours in class starting at $60 for one hour per week.

21250 Califa St.
‪Woodland Hills
Online: ciaradance.com

hip-hop-dancefit-laphoto: LA DanceFit

LA DanceFit Studio
For mini hip-hoppers that really take their craft seriously, this spot is the place to be. The studio itself caters to fitness based dance classes for adults, however, they also offer a slate of hip-hop classes for kids. For kids that want to branch out beyond the basics, LA DanceFit has classes in a variety of styles, from Break Dancing and Street Jazz, to Lyrical Hip-Hop, which combines dance with storytelling.

Details: Classes are offered at various times ‪Tuesday-Saturday, see schedule for details. Sign up for a semester, which lasts 14 weeks and cost depends on the amount of classes your child takes per week, starting at $336 for one class a week. They do offer discounts for siblings that are in the same class together.

10936 Santa Monica Blvd.
Online: ladancefit.com

The Sweat Spot
Like LA Dancefit, this studio is tailored towards adults looking to move and groove, but they do have a small offering of kids classes, with some amazing teachers who really cater to kids, and one of the coolest classes is Hip-Hop. Offered in 8 week sessions, this class is the best place to get started and feel out your dancer’s real level of interest in hip-hop and dancing. As a bonus you can pop into a class of your own and get a little sweaty while you wait.

Details: Kids Hip-Hop is offered on Monday afternoons from 4:30-5:30 p.m. for kids 8-14. 8-week sessions are $128.

3327 Sunset Blvd.
Online: thesweatspotla.com

hip-hop-garri-dancephoto: Garri Dance Studio

Garri Dance Studio
If you have an ruly tiny dancer, then this colorful Burbank dance studio is the place to start. Garri Dance offers hip-hop for a variety of ages, including kids as young as three. Mini movers and shakers can get their groove on in Hippity Hop, a class designed just for 3-5 year olds. They’ll learn actual choreography, but in a more free environment that encourages creative expression through movement. Hippity Hoppers can graduate to higher levels, ranging from 5 years all the way up to teens, where the pace and skills will get faster and more advanced, but still just as fun and focused on creativity. If your little guy feels more comfortable jamming with the fellas, they also offer Boys Only Hip Hop.

Details: Classes are offered ‪Monday through Saturday at a variety of levels and times, check out the class schedule online for specifics. Group lessons start at $72 per month.

3715 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Online: garridance.com

rockit dance fbphoto: Rockit Dance Studio via Facebook

Rockit Dance Studio
So, this spot is for bigger kids, with Hip-Hop Class for kids 8-11 and 12 & up, and a Jazz Funk/Hip-Hop for kids 8-10, but littles who want their first taste of learning how to pop, there’s also a class where 5 & 6 year olds can sample a little ballet, a little jazz and a smidge of hip-hop.  The teachers are great and kids have a blast, but there are two reasons this place gets special mention on our list.  One is that you can also take private music lessons here, so if one of your kids loves to lock, while the other is a little virtuoso, you can drive to one spot.  Whew.  The other is that Britney Spears has been known to drop in and guest teach classes here, which makes us want to throw on our own 90’s dance tights, Baby, One More Time.

Details: Classes are offered ‪Monday through Thursday and Saturday at a variety of levels and times, check out the class schedule online for specifics. Your first class is free.

31320 Via Colinas
‪Westlake Village
Online: rockitdance.com

Where do your kids love to hone their hip-hop skills? Share any awesome spots we missed in the comments!

—Shahrzad Warkentin