Every year. Every single year you have to take another picture to send to the family, plaster on social media and serve as the lasting image of your family for this whole 12 month period. No pressure to be the coolest, most clever, most inventive and of course, adorable. Luckily, you have Red Tricycle, and we have incredibly brilliant and creative people we tap to give us the best ideas for you to pass off as your own. You just supply the crazy cute family, which we know you already have.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-12-42-02-am-e1473752573594photo: Jennifer O’Brien

Embrace LA’s Street Art Scene
Go guerilla! Head out on the streets and either pose your kids (like in front of the Made in LA sign or the Love wall) or get a friend to snap your whole family (with wings, or in the pink). When you use some of the coolest wall/street art in town, your background is all taken care of and your cards have a uniquely LA flair. Not to mention, they’ll totally stand out from those clip art snowmen that the card companies all use!

Here are 9 of the best backdrops in town.

heatherhartphoto: Heather Hart

Get LA Best Photographer’s Pro Tips
No one snaps better photos that an LA photographer. Get tips for when, where and how to shoot so your kiddos look ready for a red carpet (or totally slick holiday card) from the best family photographers in the city.

Here are the secrets the photographers (including the latest winner of the Totally Awesome Photographer in LA) shared with us.

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-11-44-23-pm-e1477280716496photo: Carissa Rogers via Flickr

More Interesting Than Pinterest
We scoured the country for the most innovative ideas in kid and family snaps. When your friends and family praise your amazingly creative snap, we promise not to tell where the idea originated.

Check out these brilliantly creative ideas from the Red Tricycle community.

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—Meghan Rose