Kids are naturally as bouncy as Tigger, but you might prefer they don’t spend warm days bouncing off the walls or in the sun. Happily, we’ve got two ways to work up a sweat in air-conditioned comfort. At one of L.A.’s trampoline gyms, big kids can bounce and slam and dodge. For little ones who need a smaller bounce, a local indoor bounce-house provides the best part of the birthday party, every day.

skyzone2photo courtesy of SkyZone

If you’ve never been to a trampoline gym before, you’ll be amazed at what a workout it is. At first it seems like the trampoline is doing all the work for you, but by the next morning you’ll discover that all those leaps and bounds used many different muscle groups. Sneaky exercise, for kids and parents! SkyZone facilities are split into three main areas: the giant field of many connected trampolines, the “sports” areas including bouncy basketball and a foam pit for diving practice, and the birthday party area for groups. Plan to bring socks or buy a pair from SkyZone; they come in one flashy color (orange) and have rubber grips on the soles (so you can make like a gecko and stick).

For Open Jump hours, we find this spot works best for ages 6 & up, but each location also hosts Toddler Time where kids 6 & under can jump with their parents and have a blast. Pay for bounce time by half hour increments, starting at $12 for 30 minutes. They also have special Family Friday Nights, which includes a family of 4 plus pizza and drinks.

There are currently locations in Covina, Van Nuys, Torrance, Riverside, Anaheim and Ventura, with two more in the works; check the website for details.



scooters junglephoto credit: David L. via yelp

Scooter’s Jungle
If your little ones love the giant bouncy slides and mazes that come with seasonal carnivals, you can get those thrills year-round at Scooter’s Jungle, which features a huge, air-conditioned, indoor space stocked with soft slides, bounce rooms and climbing equipment. Largely dedicated to parties on the weekends, little ones and their parents can enjoy the space during Toddler Time for $8 or all ages Free Play for $9 at various times at each location during the week. Scooter’s Jungle and other inflatable indoor gyms are great for any kid over three.

Scooter’s Jungle locations in El Segundo, Aliso Veijo, Placentia, Simi Valley and Valencia. Check their website for addresses and hours.


skyhighphoto courtesy of SkyHigh

Grownups, when and if you are tagged out of trampoline dodgeball, you can relax at SkyHigh’s adult lounge with a snack, big-screen plasmas and free Wi-Fi, while the kids keep on bouncing (and tire themselves out so they’re ready for an early bedtime). SkyHigh’s three trampoline rooms include the aforementioned dodgeball court as well as a foam pit for dives and safe belly flops. Grown-ups can also use the gym for SkyHigh’s famed AIR-obics trampoline-based cardio workout. SkyHigh and other trampoline gyms are best suited for kids seven & up. Prices are for how long you jump: it’s $8/30 minutes, $13/hour and $18/90 minutes.

SkyHigh has spots in Valencia and Woodland Hills. Check the website for addresses and hours.


5748735147_65a3742317_bphoto courtesy of Pump It Up

Pump It Up
At Pump It Up’s local venues there are huge rooms full of inflatable fun, plus you can order up all the available trimmings for your little one’s birthday: balloons, goodie bags, snacks and more. But if you just want to play, each location offers Open Jump times throughout the week for $10, and even hosts 3 hour drop off playdates for $25 for ages 4 & up. Check the spot nearest you to see what Open Jumps are available now.

Pump It Up has locations in Torrance, Van Nuys, Rancho Cucamonga and Chino Hills. Check the website for the addresses and hours.


bounce housephoto credit: Gordon via flickr

Your House
If you’re looking for a bounce-house rental for a party, our favorite local option is Planet Bouncy, which is based in Gardena and delivers throughout the greater Los Angeles area. They don’t have a dedicated location for visitors like the sites above, but they have phenomenal customer service on the phone and in person. Houses are set up and anchored down with great care (no bounce-house flyaways here!) and are spotlessly clean inside and out. Why not invite the neighborhood over for a bounce at your house?


Where do you love to bounce with your kids? Tell us in the comments!

—Jennifer Arrow