Nothing says good morning like a big stack of pancakes oozing with syrup. Los Angeles is home to some delicious cakes, ranging from the decadent (did someone say Red Velvet?!) to healthy buckwheat and everything in between. So whether you and your kids like it old school with buttermilk or chock full of chocolate chips, there is something for every taste bud.

The light, fluffy and downright delicious buttermilk pancakes make this old school diner a perfect place for families. The wait is never too long and the friendly waitstaff are great about delivering crackers or sliced bananas to tide over growling bellies. The kids order is delivered with a choice of bacon or sausage and a side of eggs to make the carbo-loading a bit more complete. For a Sunday outing, the Studio City location is across the street from the Sunday Farmer’s Market which boasts a petting zoo and bounce houses.

Two Locations:
12036 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, Ca

Farmers Market
6333 West 3rd Sreet @ Fairfax

This North Hollywood spot is a favorite among locals for its low key atmosphere and reasonably priced meals. The cakes are straight to the point: buttermilk, chocolate chip, Oreo, banana nut caramel and fresh berries and banana. Equally tasty is the French Toast, specifically the frosted flake, strawberry and banana topped with strawberry butter. If you have little ones still in a high chair, keep in mind the restaurant only has one high chair so it can be a scramble. If your kids aren’t booster seat ready and you have a compact version that is easy to bring along, do it!

11108 Magnolia Boulevard
North Hollywood, Ca

The Griddle
The excruciatingly long wait on the weekends is daunting, but if you’re on toddler time it’s easy to get there before 9:30 am, while the twenty-somethings are still in bed. The choices are endless from the old-fashioned buttermilk to crazy concoctions like Hear Me Roar with Frosted Flakes and strawberries, Sow Your Oats with cinnamon, honey and rolled oats and the sinfully amazing Red Velvet Pancakes. Note that the pancakes are massive and the standard order arrives with a three-story stack of cakes, so we recommend sharing or ask for a single stack. Not finding your flavor? Then opt for the Strawberries and Cream Waffle decked out with a brown sugar sour cream topping.

7916 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90046
(Corner of Sunset and Fairfax)

More Than Waffles (pictured)
Waffles may be the name of the game at this family-owned spot with almost two dozen types of waffles, but the pancakes are right up there. Kiddos with a sweet tooth can dive into chocolate chip, pumpkin or fresh berry or opt for a healthier option like organic granola or oat bran. Those in need of gluten-free meals can dig into the buckwheat cakes, which get rave reviews all around. The owner is great about working with customers who have food allergies, whether it’s no-dairy or gluten-free, she has a solution. The crepes are served up sweet (nutella, Hot Apple and lemon cream) or savory (ham and cheese or a variety of other options). And while yes, there can be a wait, they do take reservations for parties of five or larger.

17200 Ventura Boulevard
Encino, Ca

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House
Ask a South Bay resident where to get your syrup on and they’ll tell you this beachside place is the place to go. There is a flavor for everyone including buttermilk, buckwheat, multigrain, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate chip and more. The kids menu includes dollar cakes and a pancake combo complete with eggs and bacon or sausage. Service can sometimes be slow and the wait is achingly long during the weekend so either arrive early or bring snacks and entertainment to keep the kids happy.

1305 Highland Avenue
Manhattan Beach, Ca

Jacks n Joes
The Flapjacks at this Downtown spot near USC are reasonably priced and oh so good. Great for gluten-free eaters, they offer the choice of buttermilk or buckwheat as well as the de rigueur crazy combos such as the pineapple-doused Hula Girl, the peanut butter and banana-filled Pudgie Elvis and the crazy shapes delivered in the WTF? flaps—great for little imaginations.

2498 S Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, Ca

John O’Groats
A Westside breakfast favorite, John O’Groats serves up a handful of fluffy, lip-smacking good pancakes. The kiddo-approved pancakes include applesauce, lemon, mango macadamia nut and the famously delicious buttermilk. Parents will like that they can steer kids to options like the high-fiber buckwheat or seven grain granola.

Two Locations:
10516 Pico Boulevard
West L.A., Ca

16120 Ventura Boulevard
Encino, Ca

Did we miss your family’s favorite pancake spot? Let us know in the comment section below!

– Lara Burnap