There may be snow on the mountains in the distance, but LA’s current Safer at Home orders discourage traveling far from home. If you want to give kids a sledding experience without having to travel far, head to the beach. Yep, there are plenty of sleigh-worthy destinations by the shore. Read on for the best sand sledding spots in Los Angels— no puffy coats or hats needed.

Zuma Beach

Up the coast in Malibu, Zuma always makes for a beautiful beach day, whether you're crashing in the waves or sledding in the sand. It is a bit more of a trek, so you may want to pack up a picnic along with your sleds and make a day of it. The berms at Zuma are long and much less trafficked than Venice and Hermosa, which also means they aren't as smooth and slick. For a better ride, have the grownups in the group take a few trips down the slope first, to carve out a nice pathway for the little ones. (Yep, it's a perfect excuse to get a turn on the new sled!)

Zuma isn't as busy in the winter, so you should have no trouble grabbing a parking spot in the lot directly behind the sand dunes for $8.

30000 Pacific Coast Highway

Hermosa Beach

The Hermosa Beach sand berms stretch out from both sides of the Hermosa Pier providing plenty of ocean-front real estate for your little sand bunnies. These hills are a little less steep making them the best spot for the youngest (or most cautious) sledders.

The closest places to park are the two public metered lots on Hermosa Avenue at 11th and 13th Street. 

1 Pier Ave.
Hermosa Beach

photo: Shahrzad Warkentin

Venice Pier

Just south of the Venice Beach Pier is one of the most popular sand sledding spots on the coast. The Venice berm stretches from the pier all along the length of the south parking lot, so despite being a hotspot, there's always plenty of room for everyone. These slopes are usually the biggest of the berms on the coast, making them the go-to spot for young sledders (and grown-ups) looking for the best thrill ride. Late December or early January is usually the best time to visit, as the sand has gotten packed down, making for a smoother and faster ride.

Parking in the lot can run from $8-$12 on the weekends. You can also look for a spot on Washington Boulevard, but it can be a bit of a walk. 

–Shahrzad Warkentin & Shannan Rouss


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