“Let them eat cake,” cried Marie Antionette.  But even she would turn up her nose at the super sweet sheet cake that often turns up on the party circuit.  Looking to break out of the pan?  Try something new, different and spectacular that will leave them all asking for more – and impressed by your party prowess and ingenuity.  We’ve uncovered a few tot-pleasing treats (grownups will agree!) to serve in lieu of the standard birthday cake.


Sweet Crush
Totally Awesome Award Winner Sweet Crush can “shave” time off your party planning, bringing ribbons of light and healthy frozen dessert fun right to your backyard.  Choose milk-based or pure fruit (lactose-free!) flavors with toppings from popping boba to brownie bites and bananas.  Add a homemade drizzle to finish and share a guiltless pleasure with the kiddos.

Online: sweet-crush.com
Email: info@sweet-crush.com
Phone: (310) 820-0607

gotta_have_smore_FBGotta Have S’more
Campfires can be inconvenient at best (unless you’re actually at the beach or in the woods) but why forgo the best part?  Your little campers will love these pre-baked, bite-sized mini-muffin cups of marshmallow goodness.  Order is assorted combos of milk or dark chocolate, cookies n’cream or chocolate caramel.  Order online at least 2 days ahead and pick up at Platine Bakery in Culver City or have shipped right to your party place for $25 or less, depending upon quantity.  Order extras, parents can’t resist these bites any more than the kids can…

Online: gottahavesmore.com/shop
Phone: 888-95-SMORE


Bon Puf Cotton Candy
This is not your grandma’s cotton candy.  The classic confection takes a modern twist, as BonPuf turns out organic, all-natural fanciful flavors like bubblegum, sugar cookie and strawberry lemonade.  Party packages range from petite (2 flavors and up to 50 cones) to grande for full-fledged milestones of over 100 people.  Add theme-specific toppers ( try fairy tiaras for a garden party) and you can even arrange a tasting session to sample which your selections beforehand. It’s sweet anyway you spin it!

Online: bonpuf.com
Phone: (310) 625-3133


A.sweeT Candy Bar
What kiddo doesn’t love candy?  And what better excuse than a birthday party to loosen the rules.  After all, a sugar buzz will wear off…eventually.  The peeps at A.sweeT do all the legwork for you: bringing favorite confections and candies — in thematic, seasonal or color scheme – playfully displayed in age-appropriate containers with goodie bags to boot.  Did someone say “party favors?”  Done and done.  Stop by their Beverly Hills boutique to peruse the varieties available.

Online: asweetonline.com
Email: info@asweetonline.com
Phone: (310) 860-9265

Ice Cream Lab
The Beverly Hills-based new-fangled ice cream shop is fully mobile.  It’s a science experiment (read: party entertainment) and snack all in one:  Ice Cream lab’s cool blue liquid nitrogen machines come to your location, magically mixing creamy frozen creamy dairy-fresh and unique flavors to order.  Your hip-high host can name a flavor (peanut butter licorice caramel, anyone?) and they’ll whip it up on the spot (within limits).  Prices vary depending upon quantity and ingredients, ranging from about $7 -10 per person; contact their helpful catering folks for details and exact pricing.

Online: icecreamlab.com
Email: catering@icecreamlab.com
Phone: (310) 795-6505

What’s your favorite alternative to the birthday cake blahs?  Did we miss a tasty trick?

– Kim Orchen Cooper

Photos courtesy of the author, Gotta Have S’more facebook page, Bon Puf facebook page, Ice Cream Lab, A.sweeT facebook page, Poul Werner Dam via Creative Commons and Sweet Crush facebook page