LA officially has a brand new, ginormous (like, biggest in America) IKEA in Burbank. From the kid-pleasing breakfast to the mind-boggling amount of ready-to-assemble furniture that you won’t mind the kids acting like kids around, here are the top reasons why you should pack up the fam and head over for a visit.


1. The new IKEA is officially the largest in the country. It’s not often you can visit a record-breaking sight and redecorate the kid’s rooms all in one day.


2. It’s the hippest new brunch spot in town. Forget the couches and rugs, the real reason everyone is heading to the new Ikea in droves is for the ridiculously low-priced brunch you can enjoy in the stylish 600-seat dining hall. For $2, you can dine on eggs, turkey sausage, Swedish pancakes and jam.  If you’re not there for breakfast (which is served daily until 11 a.m.) you can get a kids meal at lunch or dinner for $2.49 and on Tuesdays kids eat free.  Plus, you’ll never worry about finding a seat.


3. Speaking of food, all that extra room means the Marketplace, which features imported Swedish foods, has more tantalizing options to offer than ever. While you stock up on frozen meatballs, you can also expand your little foodie’s palate with a taste of a popular Nordic delicacy: caviar in a tube. Or candy, lots and lots of Swedish candy.

4. Ball pit!  While we were a little bummed to note that with all the extra space, the kids play area isn’t much bigger or better, it’s still here and it still doubles as a free indoor playground when you’re tired of shelling out $ to play inside.


5. A shopping trip is always a great way to spend a rainy day. (Or someday, again, a hot day.) Clocking in a 456,000 square feet, not only will you escape the stormiest winter of the century, but you’ll actually wear the kids out walking and put a dent in your own Fitbit. Now you won’t feel so bad grabbing a round of the $1 soft serve ice cream waiting for you beyond the check-out line.


6. In case you’re not in the mood to walk a 10K while you shop, there is a direct shortcut to the kids section from the entrance so you can avoid the showroom and grab what you really came for: amazingly cheap craft supplies and endless colorful plastic plates.

7. Speaking of kids and needs: yep, still have the family bathrooms.  Whew!


8. This place literally has everything. At twice the size of the former Burbank location, this Ikea houses every single item the company sells. If you’ve desperately been searching for a stuffed cactus, look no further.  But on the serious side, if you weren’t sure what the difference was between the Hensvik and the Sundvik cribs just from shopping online, this is the only place in the U.S.A. where you can kick the tires of anything and everything Ikea makes.

9. Play AND play house.  There’s something for your kiddo who wants to play house all day, with the rooms that are completely furnished and decorated.  And your more hands on tykes will enjoy the activity kiosks that are scattered throughout the store, including in the restaurant.


10. For every parent who has ever drawn straws over who gets to grab the car while the other wrangles the kids while waiting in the tiny loading zone parking lot with your teetering pile o’ goodies and tantruming tots, you can breath a sigh of relief. This location has a gigantic two-story loading zone area. Now the only thing you’ll have left to argue about is why there’s an extra screw after you finish building that 5,000-piece dresser.

Tip: Unless you’re in desperate need of refurnishing your house we highly suggest you hold off on a visit until the crowds die down. With lines snaking through the massive 1,700 spot parking lot, it feels a little bit like Disneyland, without the rides. Once you go, however, you’ll rekindle your love affair with furniture in a box and wonder how LA ever survived with an IKEA half the size.

IKEA Burbank
600 Ikea Way

Have you scoped out the new Ikea?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

—written and photos by Shahrzad Warkentin

featured photo: Kan Wu via flickr