The hills of Beverly aren’t your first thought for a kid friendly outing.  Swanky hotels, Star Tours, swimming pools and of course, haute shopping, is more the 90210 demo.  But if you’re looking for gorgeous, designer togs for your tot, you may just have to rethink things.  Because with the opening of French import Catimini, it’s now a shopping destination for the stylish small set.  Catiminibetterviewfromthetop

What’s Up, Catimini?
With stores in New York, Miami, and Orange County, it was only a matter of time before the stylish French shop came to Beverly Hills. Landing a stones throw away from the city’s ultimate shopping street, Catimini caters to the fourteen and under crowd.  Their goal is to dress them in duds that will flip their fashion forward hearts.   They were bound to fall for fashion sooner or later. Browsing through carefully curated racks of shoes, clothes and accessories from flirty skirts to brogues to bermudas, will just ensure that they learn impeccable taste with a Riviera flair at an age on par with their 1-2-3’s.


Royal Flush
Those Prince George pictures! They inspired all of us to cull the well worn playclothes and up our offspring’s fashion game.  But on the off chance your young heir isn’t down with pleats and a Peter Pan collar, Catimini offers a chic alternative to a graphic tee. Something tasteful yet trendsetting and every bit reflective of your tot? By George, I think they’ve got it.  The clothes here are beautiful, yet stay on the right side of precious.  And the prices?  The line isn’t inexpensive, with prices ranging from $16-$194, and every wardrobe should be allowed an age appropriate LBD.  If the frock fits…


















The Bolder the Better
Each season’s collection has a designated motif. Think St. Tropez meets a splash of silly. The Sahara, with a tangerine theme.  This summer? Nomadic chic meets 1930’s elegance. Yep.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  See you there. (And it happens, it’s across the street.)Catiminibetterviewfromthetop

Your tony tot will swoon. It’s a whole different brand of candy store where you can let them loose. Two beaming white levels of lollypop-hued couture. Sit back mom. Settle in. Maybe bring a little light reading while they find a wearable expression of their inner creativity.


And Then They’re Done
We’ve all hit the kid wall: they’re doing fine, milling about, and then, boom, no warning, DONE.  And you were just getting started, flipping through racks and stacks of seriously righteous attire.  Say the word mom, and the good people of Catimini will hand over the crayons and the paper.  Crisis averted.  They gotta go?  That kind of go?  Relax.  They’ve got a loo, too.  Just ask.CatimiwindowClose to It All
Sprinkles Cupcakes, Ice Cream Lab and Go Greek are all around the corner, because even the sartorially swank need sustenance. Just maybe put the new purchase away when they hand over the chocolate ice cream. You can dress ‘em up. But wait until they finish the cone before you take ‘em out.

9511 South Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, Ca
Phone: (310) 276-4500

-Written and photographed by Jolie Loeb

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