Everyone loves chocolate! And chicken is often the only meat you can count on your kids eating (unless you count hot dogs).  But it never occurred to you to put the two together.  Luckily, the flavor geniuses behind Umami Burger and 800 Degrees think outside the box.   The result is the new ChocoChicken, where the little hint of chocolate in everything gets kiddos gobbling, and we’re not clucking around.


Tasting is Believing
If you’re picturing fried chicken drizzled with hot fudge sauce, erase that mental image. It’s more like fried chicken with mole inspired spice mixed into the frying batter. Think notes of chocolate, garlic, tomatoes, acho chilies and other spices.  That’s more like it, and knowing that the guy behind Umami Burger and 800 Degrees was the flavor mastermind behind the operation means it’s at least worth a taste test.  Or two.  Or eight.

Chocolate isn’t just in the chicken; the chocolate theme runs throughout the menu and you’ll find it served up not only in the name sake chocolate-laced fried chicken, but in white chocolate mashed potatoes (where white chocolate takes the place of butter with surprisingly delectable results), duck fat French fries with a sprinkling of cocoa chili powder and caramelized bacon biscuits with chocolate dust.

While all of these items might seem like they’d satisfy your sweet tooth more than your supper-time taste buds, that’s not the case − everything on the menu (that’s not dessert) is completely savory. The chocolate just amps up the yum factor, and makes the kids want to try it all.


Surprisingly, the one thing that doesn’t have chocolate is the milk!  One of our kid testers ordered it plain instead, and instantly suggested to the waiter that they add that to the menu.

And in case all that chocolate gets you in the mood for dessert, sweet dreams are made of the Cake Monkey-made postprandial offerings.

Kid-Friendly Meter
For the chicken itself, we have heard mixed feedback from kids.  Those who do not like “spicy” food at all are not big fans.  Those with slightly adventurous palates dig in.  As for the white chocolate mashed potatoes and the butter or bacon biscuits, those hold universal appeal.  And did we mention that the ketchup is chocolate, too?  You’ll want to dip and double dip those duck fat fries and bring some home for burger night.


The More the Merrier
The space is big and loud, so go ahead and bring the whole family. The joint is always jumping and kids making noise don’t stand out.  The wait staff is very friendly and accommodating, happy to push tables together to fit large groups.

Getting There
Slow down or you might pass the restaurant all together! It’s very unassuming and looks a lot like the fast food chain restaurants you see on every corner in this hood. Street parking is a challenge as meters fill up fast. Your best bet is to pay $8 at the lot directly across the street. It’s well lit,  secure and convenient.


Good to know: Those enticing smells that lure you into the building will also leave you smelling like fried chicken for hours after your meal. If you don’t mind, then seats indoors afford little sports lovers a view of the game on the big screen TV.  Otherwise, head outdoors for a table on the patio. During the summer months, the fresh air and shade from the towering office buildings is welcome.

403 W. 12 Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: 213-403-1786
Online: chocochicken.com

Would you try ChocoChicken? Have you tried it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

-Christina Fiedler

Photo credits: Christina Fiedler and Anne A. via yelp