Environmental Kids Cooking Up A Delicious Recipe for the Earth

Summertime welcomes fresh fruits and veggies, al fresco dining, and fun in the sun.  Why not combine all three this season by educating parents and kids about composting?  Whether you choose to compost in your backyard or get a compost bin from the city of San Francisco, it can be fun to turn food waste into nutrient-rich food for the Earth!

Luckily, we have a good recipe for compost in Compost Stew, a “cookbook” by Mary McKenna Siddals that inspires young “environmental chefs” to feed the earth.  Local San Francisco artist Ashley Wolff illustrated the colorful collage-based images for the book that pop out like 3-D images while still feeling natural and organic.  Wolff’s images coupled with Siddal’s clever rhymes detail surprising ingredients to add to compost (teabags, seashells, laundry lint) and other items that should not be included (packing foam, cleaning products, plastic).

If you need even more direction, visit Siddal’s web site for teacher lesson plans and more detailed information.  Why not cook up your own version of compost stew with the kids this weekend?  It’s an activity that is never too early to begin and one that gives back to the environment.

Sarah K. Choi