We all know that the role of today’s dad isn’t just about bringing in the bread and butter; they roll up their sleeves and get immersed in every facet of our home life–dad does the dishes, changes diapers, cooks dinner, walks the kids to school, and most important, he makes sure our kids are always having fun. Just like our super awesome power moms, these cool LA dads have amazing careers while keeping their families happy and beaming.  We’ve rounded up a list of the coolest LA dads from all walks of life from a scientist to a chef to an entrepreneur and many more.

Bill Thompson

Being a dad is a full-time job in itself. LA pop Bill Thompson is not only a dad to his young son, but he also is a father figure to kids around the world. As the Executive Director of The Young Storytellers Foundation, Bill leads volunteers into public schools that lack arts programs to provide free creative arts curriculum to those under privileged students. With a belief that every child has a story worth telling, Bill and his team lead the charge with the idea that arts education is a right, not a privilege.
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LA is chock full of cool dads. Who else should we add to our list?

Written by: Sommy Rhee