You can customize your coffee (we know you like your half-caf, almond milk, extra hot, wet cappuccino), your burger, your cold-pressed juice and your workout. But what about kids classes?  They’re always at the wrong time, for the wrong age and on the wrong side of town. With these classes that come to you, you can ditch the drive and have it just the way you like it.

smallshop teacher

photo credit: smallSHOP

Artsy-Fartsy Fun

Crafty kids mix it up with candle making, bubble painting and a myriad of materials, courtesy of the creative mind of local teacher Lonnie Martinez. Miss Lonnie will come to your home with everything you need. 1-hour lessons start at $150 for a group, $75 for individuals, and all and any ages are welcome. She also teaches song-writing and gives guitar lessons, so you can maximize your culture with a minimum of stress.


Ready to venture beyond finger painting and crayons? The working artists of smallSHOP encourage mini-Manets and pint-sized Picassos to express themselves with a variety of media, depending upon the ages and interests of the group. 60-minutes lessons for up to 4 kids (including materials) begin at $150; check with smallSHOP for options and times. Perfect for parties or recurring lessons.

Phone: 310-815-1669


Dance Till You Drop

Funky Divas & Dudes
Get a groove going with Funky Divas & Dudes, who bring all the accouterments and accessories for a myriad of movement classes, including cheerleading, breakdancing, fairytale acting, ballet and Broadway. Peewee personalities shine in the theme of your choice, while building coordination and self-confidence.

Phone: 310-838-8387


photo credit: The BeatBuds

March To The Beat of Your Own Drum

The BeatBuds
The BeatBuds bring home the basics in ‘jam sessions’ designed for your own mix of mini musicians aged 6 months to 6 years. Using a combo of real percussion instruments, vocal technique and rhythm-making props, the band of pros give high-energy hands-on experience during 4- or 6-week sessions with a minimum of 8 kids.

Phone: 818-642-7279

Kickin’ It In the Kitchen

Kitchen Kid
Concocting a meal is one of childhood’s purest forms of creativity. The culinary coaches at Kitchen Kid will help take it to the next delicious level, while sneaking in age-appropriate and super-fun science and math skills. Their thematic culinary adventures include ‘Books for Cooks’ and ‘Mom’s Night Off’, with countless possibilities depending upon the age and interests of the group.

Phone: 310-450-3462

kitchen kid 2

photo credit: Kitchen Kid

The Sporting Life

Head Above Water
Head Above Water takes the stress out of learning to swim. Their roster of super-experienced instructors are known for their nurturing approach to teaching even the tiniest tadpole to float. Individual lessons or group options are available, with pool owners offered a discount for hosting. Prices for a 6-lesson Parent & Me session starts at $195 per person for 2 kiddos; contact Head Above Water to get specifics about group classes.

Phone: 310-867-9282


photo credit: Super Soccer Stars facebook page

Super Soccer Stars
Kickin’ it with your best buddies is an awesome way to run off energy while learning cooperation and sportsmanship. The kid-friendly coaches at Super Soccer Stars bring it on at the time and place of your choosing, indoors or outdoors. Groups can be organized per coach, with a maximum number of kiddos, starting as young as 2. Or put together a tiny ‘team’ of at least 4 tots; rates depend upon age and each participant pays a set rate per class. See Super Soccer Stars’ website for full details.

Phone: 310-998-0010

– Kim Orchen Cooper

Do you have a favorite class that caters to your kids and schedule?  Let us know!