NY has Eloise, Portland has Ramona and Boston has the ducklings, while here in LA we have Abigail, Larry & Josefina. Don’t know them? Let us (and these awesome characters) take you on a kid’s-eye book tour of Los Angeles. From the Tar Pits to Hollywood, Pasadena to the Getty and Randy’s Donuts to the Natural History Museum, LA pops up in some truly fabulous kid lit, so you can read at bedtime and explore by sunlight.

Going to the Getty by Vivian Walsh and J. Otto Seibold

The creators of Mr. Lunch, Olive the Other Reindeer and Penguin Dreams wrote a book about visiting the Getty Museum when the center first opened, and the book hasn’t lost any of its charm. It’s a beautiful blend of all the fun things kids love about the museum (riding the tram, eating in the café and playing with the conveyor belts, running in the garden) alongside history (Getty was a man, before a museum) and art. It’s the art facts that will have you bringing the book with you as a mini-reference guide, for thought and discussion provoking discussions like: How would you draw an elephant if you had never seen one before, as one artist has to do? It’s the amazing illustrations and silly characters that will have you reading it over and over at bedtime.

Ages 3-10
Available at amazon.com, $17.95


Are we missing any of your family’s favorite books that take place in LA?  We’d love to hear about them!

—Meghan Rose