In a galaxy not too far way, there’s a new way to experience Star Wars that will make young Jedi Knights think they’re actually setting foot in the movies. Season of the Force is a new, interactive experience that’s now open in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. The experience promise to keep guests entertained before Disneyland debuts its future Star Wars-themed land. We’ve got your insider’s guide to the Season of the Force elements that will sure to entertain Star Wars fans of old and young.

Season of the Force Chewie

photo: Leah Singer

What to See: Chewbacca, Vader and the Path to Jedi
The first part of Season of the Force you’ll want to check out is the new brand new Star Wars Launch Bay, an interactive space in the Tomorrowland Expo Center. This space is the ultimate hang-out to check out all things Star Wars. Be on the look-out for Stormtroopers patrolling outside the Launch Bay, or enter the Light Side Gallery to find replicas of the helmets and lightsabers actually used by Jedi heroes like Luke Skywalker.

You can also see the large-scale replicas of film props, costumes, ship models, droids, artwork and lots more. And don’t forget to make time to visit the most famous co-pilot in the galaxy, Chewbacca. Or head to the Dark Side to visit Darth Vader himself.

Star Wars Launch Bay

photo: Disneyland Resort

If the rides are a bit too old for your young Rebels, they can always play current and upcoming Star Wars video games at the Game Center. There’s even new and exclusive Disney Infinity 3.0 content created exclusively for this experience. Once you’ve enjoyed Launch Bay activities, make your way to the Tomorrowland Theater for a screening of Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, an overview of the Star Wars saga that includes scenes from the upcoming release, The Force Awakens.

Insider’s Tip: The Launch Bay activities and Path to the Jedi movie are great activities to do when the kiddos need a break from rides or when you’re waiting for your Fast Pass times to arrive.

Star Tours - The Adventures Continue

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What to Do: Hyperspace Mountain, Star Tours and Jedi Training
While Star Tours is not new to Disneyland, the enhanced ride features characters and scenes from the upcoming The Force Awakens movie. Rebels and Jedis will climb aboard a Starspeeder 1000 and blast off on a thrilling tour of the galaxy.

Roller coaster fans can then make their way to Hyperspace Mountain (the new and improved Space Mountain) where riders will feel like they’re fighting an actual X-wing Starfighter battle against Imperial TIE fighters, all while hearing the classic Star Wars theme music surround them.

Jedi Training Academy via Flickr

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For kids hoping to be Rebel fighters, Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple is now open. This popular experience takes kiddos to the secret site of an ancient Jedi temple, where they discover if they have the makings of a true Jedi. Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister Inquisitor from the popular Disney series Star Wars Rebels join the adventure.

Insider’s Tip: Hyperspace Mountain contains many twists and turns in a dark maze. Make sure your little ones are up for the thrill ride. Additionally, the roller coaster and Star Tours will likely have quite the wait times when Season of the Force opens, so take advantage of the fast pass options.

Star Wars Galactic Grill

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What to Eat: Dark and Light Side Menus
There’s no shortage of Star Wars-themed foods to enjoy. Visit the Galactic Grill for a new Dark Side and Light Side menu featuring items such as the First Order Specialty Burger or a Jawa turkey sandwich. Make sure to save room for the Pastry Menace or Darth by Chocolate, which is an out-of-this-world blend of chocolate cake and mousse topped with Vader himself. Pizza Port in Tomorrowland also had several Star Wars-inspired dishes.

Insider’s Tip: Not planning to serve the family a large meal at the park? Go for a beverage in the BB-8 sipper cup, or a TIE Fighter premium popcorn bucket.

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— Leah R. Singer