After a full day of getting the kids (and ourselves) up and out the door, carpools, play dates, and not to mention, our own work responsibilities, it almost seems cruel that we have to cook dinner too. We have a simple solution to the daily “uh-oh what am I going to make for dinner” dread: go out to eat. Dining out with your kiddos doesn’t have to be an ordeal. In fact, it can be fun for the whole family with these seven ideas for eating out with kids in Los Angeles.

Kid-Friendly Watering Holes
Traditionally, bars have not been the first go-to for parents looking to grab a quick bite, or in search of a relaxing family oriented dinner. But these bars are a fun and family friendly take on the old pub. With kids menus to satisfy any miniature appetite, and some awesome brews, these places are a great destination for a family lunch or dinner.

Mac and Cheese
There’s no denying that every kiddo loves mac and cheese. But if you’ve got the little guys that crave the boxed stuff day in and day out, it can get tiresome and repetitive. Luckily for you we’ve got the scoop on the best places in Los Angeles to grab mac and cheese. Whether you and the little ones crave the traditional elbow and cheddar, or are into something a little more gourmet, you’ll find it here.

Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ is one of those things that hits the spot, no matter your age. After all, what’s not to love? It’s always delicious and your kids will love to see their food cook right at the table. Just remember to wear clothes you don’t mind smelling after your meal since these restaurants can get smoky.

Hamburger and fries will live in the hearts of Americans for generations to come (and often, quite literally we might add). While hamburgers are anything but healthy, we can’t help but love their amazing taste and flavor. We’ve collected the best family-friendly burger spots in LA, so grab the kiddos and give yourself a cheat day on that old dusty diet.

Fine Dining
We at Red Tricycle would like to boldly proclaim that just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice meal out. Ok, close those jaws because we think that fine dining can be kid-friendly, especially armed with this list of kid-friendly fine dining establishments in Los Angeles. And, as a parent sometimes we deserve a little reward, right?

Grilled Cheese
It’s simple. It’s gooey. It’s had a place in everyone’s heart since childhood. It’s the grilled cheese sandwich and Los Angeles is doing it big. From food carts to gourmet eateries, the grilled cheese sandwich is being celebrated with makeovers and new spins on the old classic all over the city.

If you’re looking for a warm-weather treat that isn’t ice cream, we’ve got the answer for you: gelato, the brilliant brain child from Italy. Treat yourself and the little ones to something so rich and delicious, instead of screaming for ice cream, your kiddos will be screaming for gelato.

— Brian Helt