Birthdays are fabulous. Friends, food, presents and cake make for an awesome gathering no matter what you do.  But prepping and planning a bash? Not so fabulous, unless you’re blessed with Martha Stewart DNA. For the rest of us normal folk, coming up with cool ways to entertain a large group of sugar-infused saplings can be a challenge. And while having your party at a fabulous venue takes the planning pressure off, those places can book up months in advance. So save your sleep-starved brain and check out these fun ideas that bring the party to you.  Order up a stellar cake, send out some invites, and then you can just sit back and enjoy the cake-fueled ride.

Enchant Your Birthday Baby: Enchanted Characters

Fairy tales and comic books are a staple for the mini set, and here’s your chance to knock your kid’s socks off by inviting a character to host their party. The real Cinderella or Captain America? Yes please! This company hires only the best, and you’ll be treated to an energy-packed, interactive show. The character(s) will arrive and instantly engage even a large group of kids. Games (like super-hero training or princess party etiquette), story time, face painting and group action events like tug-of-war have kids alert and interested for up to two hours. After game time, characters will pose for photos and even help cut the birthday cake. Your little ones will be thrilled by the convincing costumes, hair and make-up. This is a class act that leaves any super-hero or princess loving kid in smiles for the entire day.

Phone: (626) 488-4873

We hope you have a blast celebrating another year with your kiddo! What kind of party are you throwing this year?

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-Elena Wurlitzer

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