It’s the same story every Sunday. The day? Glorious! The errands? Done! Eh, mostly. And then crash, bang, boom – dinner. Who’s making it and pray the answer isn’t you. Those days are done my friend. Come Sundays from 4:00pm – 7:00pm, Cecconi’s West Hollywood serves up a little something called Family Supper. And it’s a little something you’ll start looking forward to starting every Monday morning.

What you’ll like
That you’re not at The Olive Garden, for starters (no disrespect). The orichette and rapini pasta will be your tip off. Everything subsequent will be confirmation.

What you’ll love
Hello ambiance, we’ve missed you. Floor to ceiling marble slabs, cornflower blue leather seats, an al fresco veranda and an altogether gorgeous clientele (straight up, they don’t look like this at Gymboree). It feels anything like a restaurant that claims “bring the kids!,” but hold onto your breadsticks, what’s next will make you fall to the floor.

What will make you fall to the floor
As you’re being seated they’ll casually ask you if you’ve seen the nannies. Do not make the mistake we made. This is not a reality show query. Here is what they mean: Over in “The Butterfly Room,” Brittney is waiting. With a table full of markers, crayons, coloring books, wooden picture frames, and glue sticks. She’ll hang with your kids while you have the first conversation with your spouse since “they’re really letting us take the baby home?”  It’s unbelievable. You’re having your wine, they’re having their artistic moment with Brittney, and you’re baffled why no one has thought of this before.

Did we mention there’s a magician too?
There’s a magician, too.

But How’s the Food? Food’s Important.
So important. And so good. A salad, a pasta (highly recommend the aforementioned orichette), a pizza, you pick one of each for the table. The kids kept on coloring until it was pizza time, and promptly returned once their palates had been sated by gorgeous mozzarella and fresh basil leaves. But don’t think you can’t sneak in edible teaching moments  – those chopped raw vegetables were all but begging for a game of “Name Those Veggies.”

English peas, beets, cucumbers, broccoli, fennel, celery…eat your heart out, Nick Jr.  And when you’re done, a scoop of gelato in a sterling cup is but a buck. At $50 for 4 people, that leaves you with enough chump change to splurge on that glass of wine. Because unless you personally employ a magician at home, your next glass will likely not be this serene.

Is it Sunday yet?

Cecconi’s West Hollywood
8764 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca

Is Sunday dinner an event for your family? Do you prefer to eat out or have a meal together at home? 

— Jolie Loeb (She took the photos too!)