Girl Scout cookie season may have just ended, but even without a freezer full of Thin Mints, South Bay cookie monsters can still get their sweet fix anytime. Fresh cookies can be delivered directly to your door when nighttime cravings hit, thanks to Cookie Zombie. This El Segundo-based company bakes and delivers warm, yummy cookies to your home within an hour. Sound like heaven? Read on for the details.

photo: Cookie Zombie

Speedy Delivery, Like Mr. McFeely
You can get just about anything delivered nowadays, but when it comes to baked goods—cookies, in particular—the options are slim and usually prepackaged. Enter Natasha Nguyen, founder of Cookie Zombie, who decided in 2012 that pizza shouldn’t be the only thing delivered hot in a box. A lifelong El Segundo resident and former school teacher, Nguyen, 32, founded her company organically when she started delivering homemade cookies to a local bar.

“It wasn’t, ‘Hey, I want to set out to make a six figure business, it was just, ‘Hey, let’s make some cookies,” she said. “It was just me with a small KitchenAid mixer and a Facebook page. It just grew and grew until every single night I was getting calls for cookies.”

Today, instead of baking cookies in her home and delivering them herself, she’s got a dedicated kitchen, a full staff, and a rotating menu of more than 50 different flavors. Cookie Zombie’s clientele ranges from slumber partying school kids to couples cozying up at home for date nights. On good night, she and her staff bake up more than 100 dozen cookies, all of them delivered to homes in and around the South Bay.

cookie-corporate-orderphoto: Ricky M. via Yelp

Fifty Fabulous Flavors, None of Them Brains
While Nguyen has 50 flavors to choose from when making her dough for the night’s menu, the online roster only lists about 10 different flavors (keep checking back and you’ll see these flavors change day to day). If you want a surefire crowd-pleaser, go with the OMFG (just don’t tell the kids what that stands for!), a classic chocolate chip cookie loaded with double the chocolate chips. Chocolate purists will love the Chocolate Trio, which is made from chocolate dough loaded with two different kinds of chocolate chips and topped with a drizzle of Ghirardelli. Not into chocolate? Try the Strawberries and Cream, a chewy sugar cookie filled with sweet strawberry & cream candy hearts. And, kids will go wild over the Funfetti, a sugar cookie accented with a colorful sprinkling of Fruity Pebbles cereal (there’s also a gluten-free version of this cookie, so even your most tummy-sensitive cookie monsters will get their share). 

photo: Ricky M. via Yelp

There’s also the delicious (and genius!) option of throwing in a jug of milk or a pint of Coolhaus or Breyers ice cream with  your order for a few extra dollars.

All cookies are made from scratch, baked upon order and delivered to you—still warm—in a generic white pizza box. The pizza packaging makes for a nice effect. Your kids will be peeking their heads out of their rooms and asking, “Pizza?”; Meanwhile, you can look them straight in their sleepy eyes and say, “No, it’s not. Go back to bed.”

Hint: Sunday night deliveries start at 7 p.m. (as opposed to 8) so if you want your early-to-bed kids to get warm cookies without staying up too late, that’s the best time to place an order.

screen-shot-2017-02-26-at-9-49-18-amphoto: Cookie Zombie

Delivery by Night, Custom Cookies by Day
There’s one tiny catch: Cookie Zombie only delivers at night. Which means, if you’re the sort of parent who puts her kids to bed before 8, your little sweets may not get to enjoy their sweets fresh from the oven. But that’s OK; this batch is for you, Mama!  Kids can have your leftovers for breakfast or as an after-school treat.  And when your wee ones get bigger, they’ll love a slumber party post-pizza delivery.

Of course, not all cookie can be consumed at night. If you want to order Cookie Zombie for a daytime affair, you can make a custom order of more than 200 cookies and Cookie Zombie will deliver to your event, be it a Girl Scout meeting, birthday party or even work affair. For event orders, Cookie Zombie can also make cookie pies or frosted, custom-shaped cookies.

Now—got milk?

photo: Melissa Heckscher

Cookie Zombie Deets
Delivery hours are Thursday through Saturday, 8 p.m.-1 a.m.; Sunday, 7 p.m.-midnight.
Prices are 1 dozen cookies-$13; milk (16 oz.)-$2.25; Breyers Ice Cream pint-$5; Coolhaus Ice Cream pint-$8; Cookie Pie, $25 (order 1 day ahead).

What’s your favorite midnight delivery snack?  Let us know in the comment section!

—Melissa Heckscher