Pretty much every grab-n-go snack option for kids is packed with added sugar. Groan!  If slipping a cereal bar or yogurt tube into your kiddo’s lunch bag makes you wish there was a better store bought choice, look no further. We discovered Fruigees, a new product that was made and tested here in LA, that’s as kid-friendly and delicious as it is healthy. These super tasty squeeze packs will simplify snack time and help you sneak veggies into your little ones, too.


Photo credit by Fruigees Facebook Page

Only in LA
Fruigees is the brain child of cousins Josh Kahn and David Czinn, who were inspired by seeing grown ups eating baby food. While in a pre-med class, David noticed students snacking on the little jars of puree. It was convenient and portion controlled, but as any new parent can tell you, it’s seriously lacking on the flavor front. The cousins set to work in their grandparents’ kitchen, blending healthy ingredients that actually taste great. Of course, they needed feedback, which is where living in LA came into the mix. David and Josh took samples to Runyon and Fryman Canyon to get feedback from local hikers. Only health conscious and taste sensitive Angelenos could help shape the focus of the all-organic ingredients. After countless more experiments and sampling, Fruigees came to fruition and made its debut at LA farmers markets.

fruigeesgirlblondkalephoto credit: Fruigees facebook page

What’s In Those Packs
Fruigees are packed with only the good stuff. Every pouch is organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, has no added sugar, and is kosher, too! And each serving has 100% of your daily Vitamin C. With totally healthy veggies like beets, carrots and kale, plus fruit juices like orange, cherry and grape, you can be sure that your little ones are getting goodness in every slurp.

Speaking of slurp, Fruigees have an awesome consistency. It’s less like applesauce and more like jello or pudding – thick and creamy, which kids love. And the taste…when’s the last time kale tasted like grape soda? Though they include vegetables, the flavors are sweet and can pass for a (healthy) dessert. David and Josh knew they were onto something fabulous when a parent told them her daughter refused ice cream after having her tonsils removed, because she insisted on only having Fruigees. If a no-sugar, veggie-packed snack can beat out ice cream, we’re in.


photo credit: Fruigees facebook page

Say What?
Fruigees (pronounced: “froo-jeez”) fruit snacks are available in three flavors: 24 Carrot Orange (Orange-Carrot); Nothing Beets Cherry (Cherry-Beet); and Kalefornia Grape (Grape-Kale, which was the hands down favorite of all the Red Tricycle kid-testers).

You can find them in select natural grocers in town (like Erewhon on Beverly Blvd) as well as major retailers like Meijer and QFC, or you can skip the traffic and order them directly from Amazon. Check their website to find where Fruigees are sold near you.


photo credit: Elena Fenegan

If you wanna see your kid cry out for “More Kale!,” give this squeeze a try. And don’t worry, the squeezy yumminess is for kids of all ages, so feel free to store a stash in your purse for a quick and body-fueling “I’m a parent and too busy to eat real meals” pick-me-up.


We never would have thought of kale and grape, but kids love it!  What crazy fruit and veggie combos are a hit at your house?

-Elena Wurlitzer