When you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal and give thanks for all your blessings, give a moment to appreciate this amazing and diverse city we live in.  It’s the perfect place to raise kids!  We polled our writers to find out what they’re most grateful for about being parents in LA, then add in your two cents.  Then get out there and enjoy the sunshine, arts, culture, ocean and food that we all love.

The Never Ending To-Do List

The thing I'm most thankful for as an LA parent is that we have so much to explore. I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life and there are still dozens of things on my must-do list that I have yet to check off. I love that every weekend and vacation day offers a brand new adventure for my family.

—Writer, Shahrzad Warkentin

photo: Shahrzad Warkentin

So, why are you thankful to parent those amazing kiddos of yours in LA? We can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below.