When you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal and give thanks for all your blessings, give a moment to appreciate this amazing and diverse city we live in.  It’s the perfect place to raise kids!  We polled our writers to find out what they’re most grateful for about being parents in LA, then add in your two cents.  Then get out there and enjoy the sunshine, arts, culture, ocean and food that we all love.

The Best of the City and the Burbs

I love parenting in LA because:

  • I feel like we have a plethora of great pediatricians — the top of the class!
  • Great access to kids’ activities, indoors and out.
  • Can usually get outside for burning energy, even in the rain.
  • No lost mittens or parkas to worry about.
  • Cul-de-sacs in suburbia.
  • A park every 10 miles.
  • Drive through Starbucks.

—writer Shannon Guyton

photo: Patricia via flickr

So, why are you thankful to parent those amazing kiddos of yours in LA? We can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below.