When you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal and give thanks for all your blessings, give a moment to appreciate this amazing and diverse city we live in.  It’s the perfect place to raise kids!  We polled our writers to find out what they’re most grateful for about being parents in LA, then add in your two cents.  Then get out there and enjoy the sunshine, arts, culture, ocean and food that we all love.

We’re A Healthy Living, Anything Goes Place

I'm grateful to be an LA parent because...

  • Nobody bats an eyelid when you head straight to Trader Joe's, all sweaty from working out... I mean, who has time to shower when you have to pick up your kiddos from the gym childcare?
  • Swimsuit season is nearly year-round, which means the little tykes don't have to wait months on end for a "sunny day at the beach".
  • Yoga pants are considered acceptable attire. Getting myself dressed while making sure the kids are ready for school doesn't even include buttoning!
  • Hiking with my small fries up the hill to the Griffith Observatory and then visiting the Planetarium is the perfect way to "see the stars".

—writer Elena Wurlitzer Fenegan

photo: Ron Reiring via flickr