Your summer game plan may have changed this year, but no need to scrap the kid’s summer camp plans, too. Make up for lost playtime with virtual summer camp! Virtual camp packs in all the interaction, diverse activities, fun and fond memories at a lower cost than the traditional camp experience. Keep reading to find out why Got Game’s Virtual Camp is the total package with everything you need to make it the best summer ever!

1. The Social Aspect

Kids have missed out on a lot of playground time with their best buds this year. A program that emphasizes the social aspect they crave in a supportive environment is sure to give them a boost! Got Game’s Virtual Camp is ideal because it has three age groups: rookies (4-6), pros (7-9) veterans (10-12). Kids will bond with peers and sign up for classes based on their interests, like sports and exercise, arts, entertainment, creative expression and social activities.

If your child tends to keep to themselves, Got Game Virtual Camp is an excellent opportunity for them to safely stretch their comfort zone. Each day starts off with a welcoming orientation for campers to meet coaches and new friends, setting the tone for the day. Their daily icebreakers get kids moving and make sure all campers are feeling good!

2. Low Cost

Let’s face it: summer can get pricey quick. Vaycays, day trips, endless snacking…. it’s a lot. You want to get the most out of your entertainment dollar so you have some money left for the ice cream truck! Virtual camp is the camp you can afford. Got Game Virtual Camp runs Monday-Friday, and you can choose either 10-12 p.m. or 1-3 p.m. for $95 a week. Bonus: two hours of free time to yourself–ahhhhh!

3. The Custom Experience

Summer camp should be an adventure, and you want to find a virtual camp that excites your child. Got Game’s motto is “We speak kid,” and we couldn’t agree more. Whether they prefer more active activities or creative expression, Got Game provides plenty of options to engage in learning, having fun, and socializing. No two campers’ experience will be the same: choose your own adventure!

Got Game Virtual Camp offers two different programs: Virtual Summer Fun Camp, which is designed for kids to make friends, stay active and explore their interests in sports, games, creative endeavors and more! Their Virtual Summer Academy is entering its eighth year, keeping kids’ minds engaged and sharp! This program is available for sign-ups every week, 9:30-12 p.m., and students benefit from live and interactive attention from credentialed teachers. With a student to teacher ratio of 5:1, parents can expect a fast-paced and engaging format that makes learning fun and enables students to stay ahead!

4. Low Parent Involvement

You spent the last few months homeschooling.. time for a break! Choose a virtual camp you can trust to take the reins for a bit because it’s your summer too! It’s essential for kids to feel independent, and virtual camp is a perfect zero-risk opportunity for them to explore while you relax and read that book that’s been sitting around the holidays. Got Game Summer Camp has been welcoming kids since 2004. Needless to say, they’ll be in good hands!

5. Super Simple Tech Requirements

Not a technical wizard? Neither are we. Got Game wins again, making it so easy to log in and get campin’, even their “rookie” 4-6-year-old group can do it themselves. Got more questions? They offer a detailed How-To manual before the first day to set you up for success. All you need is a screen, your kids and the free Zoom login they provide, and you’re good to go!

Register for a virtual camp session with Got Game today!