Buy them because they’re good for the planet. Or buy them because they are beautiful to look at. Either way, you can’t go wrong with Graze Organics totally drool-worthy lunch bags.

The Studio City-based company (founded by two moms, of course) uses only 100% certified organic cotton. All the artwork is done with water based inks,  silkscreened by hand and everything is made locally to keep the carbon footprint light.

Kids can identify the different offerings from the images on the outside of the bag – sandwiches, vegetables, fruit or snacks. We know at least one preschooler who loves to “guess” what’s inside each bag (PB & J or turkey? Apples slices or grapes?)

The cotton bags wash beautifully without losing any color or detailing and can be either tumble-dried or air-dried.

Bonus: The velcro enclosure is much easier for little fingers to open than a ziploc bag.

Graze Organics