Your kids may be ice-screaming for ice cream, but direct them in a slightly different – and healthier – direction, and they will be amazed how delicious natural fruit can be. These popsicle shops and carts are the new trend, and they are all about mixing incredible flavors with healthy ingredients. These popsicle creations are truly one of a kind, with flavors changing by season (to get the best natural flavor) and locations all over town!

Suck It! Sweet and Treats
Here’s a gourmet popsicle shop that will get you and the kids all puckered up: Suck It! Sweets and Treats. Owner and creator of Suck It, Kaileigh Brelle, lives on a gluten-free diet and finding those delicious gluten-free desserts was a true mission impossible. Instead of moping or settling for a dessert-free lifestyle, Brelle decided to open her own shop: a gourmet popsicle shop offering mostly gluten-free and vegetarian desserts (flavors change depending on the fruits and veggies in season)! It’s name, Suck It! Sweet and Treats, sure is shocking, but not as much as their delicious array of gourmet flavors such as Mexican chocolate, watermelon, coconut, cantaloupe, cantaloupe-basil, pineapple-chili, apple cider, and white grape. These “sucksicle” creations are drawing in kids and adults from all over Los Angeles who are curious just how Suck It got its name and delicious reputation in such a short time.

The interior design made up like an old fashioned candy shop, pub, and French brasserie creates a lovely environment where all can enjoy a sophisticated dessert. If you’re not into the frozen goods, Suck It also offers other sweets such as baked goods and select candy (i.e. raw chocolate truffles!). Even your dogs will be able to join in the sucksicle fun with gluten-free treats for dogs coming soon! Sucksicles cost between $3 and $4, baked goods and candy between $3 and $8, and special orders are welcome.

4361 1/2 Tujunga Avenue
Studio City, Ca.

The Popshop
Popshop owner Emily Zaiden has turned her healthy childhood into an adult popsicle dream by creating popsicles that are 100% natural and 100% healthy. Her pops are handmade with organic sugar and seasonal farmers market produce. They use no preservatives, dyes, high-fructose corn syrup, or dairy. All the pops are vegan and the wrappers are also compostable.

Popshop’s flavors vary by week and include but are not limited to Amaretto white peach, avocado vanilla, blueberry lemonade, chili chocolate, cranberry clove, lemon basil, lime mint mojito, lychee peachy, Mexican chocolate, mango lime, lemon ginger, persimmon pudding, pumpkin pie, pomegranate orange, spiced cider, and watermelon lime. Clearly the list goes on and on! The Popshop cart is mostly used for private events, but they also deliver private orders (minimum is 3 dozen) and sell at the Studio city farmers market. Check their website or call 323-712-3114 for daily locations on the Popshop cart.


Creator of Popcycle, Chef Michelle Sallah, is making some seriously delicious frozen creations, and all from her bike! Chef Sallah has created an array of fresh-fruit popsicles that are all healthy and scrumptious. Some of her recent flavors have been green tea apple rosemary, apple thyme fig, and grape lemonade. At Popcycle, imaginations are riding fast! To find where this refreshing bike is at, check twitter.


Velarde’s Fruits
Don Fidel Velarde moved to the US and started his very own fruit stand on Historic Olvera Street in July 17, 1972. He is known for being the first fruit stand in LA to add a little Mexican flare by adding lemon, salt, and chiles to his fruit. His Popsicle’s or Paletas are only $1.75 and his flavors include mango, coconut, strawberry, lime, tamarindo, and watermelon. Don’t miss his fruit packed smoothies and milkshakes too!

Historic Olvera Street
P-2 Paseo de la Plaza
Los Angeles, Ca

Cool Cow: The Feel Good Bar
Cool Cow bars make you feel good in more ways than one. First, each bite is like a party in your mouth and you never want to stop the celebration. Second, Cool Cow strives to be environmentally friendly so they use all organic, natural and fresh ingredients and 100% biodegradable non toxic plastic sticks. Plus,  25 cents will be donated with each Cool Cow signature stick they receive back from their customers to help local charities fight hunger. Check out their daily locations on their websites.

Online:, facebook, twitter


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— Jessica Abelson

Photo credit for picture #1 and #2: Suck It: Sweet and Treats Facebook
Photo credit for picture #3: The Popshop Facebook
Photo credit for picture #4: The Cool Cow Facebook