Lunchbox Envy

You start every school year with the same Super-Mom mission: Goodbyn I will pack a nutritious, variety-filled, healthy lunch and I will recycle plastic baggies, thereby building strong healthy children and saving the planet at the same time. But every year by week two (or day two?) the mission goes in the garbage, along with half-eaten mushy sammies, unwrapped, warm cheesesticks, and jelly-stained bags that can’t possibly be used again.

Perhaps it’s time for a Goodbyn intervention. Created by the Seattle company Byndoo, this masterfully-designed, dishwasher-safe, environmentally-friendly lunch box takes all the guesswork out of lunch prep. The easy-to-open container in the style of a Japanese bento box has six sections, sized to fit sandwiches, fruit, sauces, veggies, you name it. There’s even a spot for an 8.5 ounce bottle, eliminating the need for juice boxes. The individual compartments keep tastes and moisture separate, so no more carrots that taste like peanut butter. Plus, there’s no need for individually-packaged goods (like yogurts and raisin boxes) and no need for plastic bags.

Goodbyns, $29.95, come in four colors and each has hundreds of stickers so kids can personalize. Check out the website for recipes, grocery lists, waste free lunch tips, and ideas from other Goodbyn parents.

And then consider your Super-Mom status re-activated.


Available at tottini online.