We thought last year was the year of the ice cream in Los Angeles, and nothing would ever top all the amazing new offerings available to Angeleno kids (and parents!). Well hold on to your waistbands, because if anything, this summer saw even MORE out of this world ice cream spots open up. From tacos to churros to cauliflower, discover the coolest new treats LA is scooping.

Beach House Creamery

You can hit the scoop shop in Bel Air, follow their truck or get beach inspired scoops while you’re actually at the beach at all the Perry’s Beach Cafés. And nothing says summer like these dreamsicles from fresh pressed juices or a little mint chocolate chip wave. We love that they’re focused on being kid friendly; they support local children’s charities, and their flavors are so simple that there’s nary a one that kids will turn their noses up at (because while we love some of the gourmet ice creams in town, it stinks to spend $6 on a scoop that our little vanilla lovers end up ditching as “too weird”).

We all scream for: Throwbacks to childhood, like the drumstick or chocolate dipped ice cream on a stick. Totally makes you feel like a kid again, which is what summer is all about.

2337 Roscomare Rd.
Online: beachhousecreamery.com

photo credit: Beach House Creamery via Facebook

Which new ice cream is your favorite? And have we missed any fabulous new spots?

—Meghan Rose