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Whether you’re looking for post pregnancy abdominal and pelvis floor muscle repair or are yearning to get back to that pre-baby bod, it’s nice to have a friendly specialist in your corner.  Cue Post Pregnancy Rehab Company–your Totally Awesome pick for best mom fitness in Los Angeles. The folks at Post Pregnancy Rehab Company specialize in post-pregnancy recovery, fitness and wellness and offer services such as the Lady Action Fit Club, recipe exchanges, and Q&As with experts. It’s a great support system and knowledgeable resource all rolled into one!

Michelle Ishio, Founder of Post Pregnancy Rehab, recently took the time to chat with us about how her business got started, her advice for aspiring business owners, and more. Read on:

Red Tricycle: Congratulations on being voted “Most Awesome” by your community! What do you think your customers value most about your business?

Michelle Ishio: We offer a unique, first of its kind, complete post pregnancy rehab program. Our main platform is to offer a program, but also increase awareness of the necessity of true post pregnancy rehab for our “baby muscles” (pelvis floor and abdominal muscles). We do also touch on topics such as fitness, postpartum depression, sleep care, and stress management, as a close second to our core platform, since all of these affects the quality of our postpartum wellness.

RT: What inspired you to start your business?

MI: It started after I had my first child back in 2002. I have a background as an elite level athlete, and a fitness and health specialist, and I was still in need of something that tackled the unique issues of post pregnancy recovery. I was very disappointed and searched high and low—I found nothing but a few articles, or a single chapter in a fitness book.

Between my background as an athlete (which included the concept of rehab after injuries), a fitness professional specializing in women’s health, my experience of popping out little ones myself, and a ton of physiology and other research, I created a comprehensive program that targeted a Mom’s unique needs.

RT: Any advice for new business owners just getting started?

MI: Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing. Any new venture will have its highs and lows (sometimes extreme), and the only ones who survive the learning curve, the ups and downs, and the extra unexpected work required, are the ones who were passionate about what they are pursuing.

RT: Can you give us one tip for balancing entrepreneurship with parenthood?

MI: Time and Money management with a 90% or more success rate. (This applies to business and home). Keep re-tweaking until you get it smooth.

RT: Is there a special offer you’d like to include for Red Tricycle readers?

MI: Yes! I would like to offer 20% OFF the book, “My Baby Hijacked My Body, Now I Want It Back!” to all Red Tricycle members.