It only takes one person to make a positive difference for the rest of us.

Take the winners of this year’s “We Shield Moms Contest” hosted by Blue Shield of California, for example.  After we scoured California for inspiring moms who make it their mission to promote health and wellness, it came down to two mamas who left a truly lasting impression.

Runner Up Winner Jane Gould

Nominated by Gianna Frazee

My friend Jane Gould is one of the most inspiring moms I know. She is personally battling MS but continues to be a source of positive energy and wellness for her community. She started out by teaching Yogabugs when her kids were in preschool and kindergarten. She helped start a revolution of wellness for young kids by teaching them yoga and meditation. She impacted young kids and their parents across the community in Marin. Kids flocked to her classes to learn how to stretch their bodies and quiet their minds.

She now teaches yoga to adults at Yogaworks, and in particular tries to teach people who are battling MS. She has been an inspiration because she shows that by staying strong with yoga, she can fight the disease both mentally and physically.

She focuses on good nutrition, a string body and the positive calm mental energy necessary. She is a positive role model for her kids and the moms in her community. Everything she does is with a smile and warm and loving energy. She is truly an inspiration to all of those who know her!

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