If you’re like us, you probably have a lot of stuff and not a ton of space. Like, way too much stuff and too little space. So we’re guessing you’re probably not in the market for a retro popcorn machine. Or an outdoor movie screen. Or a giant Jenga game.

But it would be cool to just borrow these things for a while, right? That’s the idea behind Joymode, a company that lets you rent the sorts of things you’d love to have at least for a little bit…but don’t want to buy. Scroll through to see what we love about the company and get ready to take your weekend entertainment next level. 

Want to have a family campout with your little backyardigans? Rent the “Glamping Sleepover” package and you’ll get everything from the canvas tent to the sleeping pads ($120 for the weekend). Want to throw a killer kid party on a budget? Rent some giant outdoor games ($70) and a cotton candy maker ($25) and set your little ones free. Curious about all those Faceboook posts you see about Instant Pots? Rent one ($30) and see what all the hubbub is about.

The best part of these experiences? You don’t have to find a spot to cram this stuff into your closet once you’re finished. No need to make room for something that you’ll maybe use once or twice again. Nope! You’ll have it just long enough to satisfy a few finite attention spans; then it’ll be gone. Buh-bye!

If the grown-up side of you is jealous, don’t be. Joymode also rents out dozens of adult-specific items: The “House Party” package, for one, comes with a frozen margarita maker and a fog machine that’ll make you want to send the kids to Grandma’s next Saturday night. There are also more practical items including a carpet deep cleaner and an “Outdoor Cleanup” package that includes a power washer and a leaf blower.

How it works: 

Sign up to be a member at Joymode.com. You can reserve your first experience without paying the membership fee, but after that, you’ll pay $99 a year to have access to the catalog of experiences.

You can reserve your rental up to a day before the weekend starts; you’ll get your stuff delivered on a Saturday and picked up on a Monday. Setup is easy, and for those that may be assembly-challenged (this Red Tricycle writer included), Joymode’s easy-to-follow how-to videos make putting together larger items way easier than you might think.

Here are our faves for family-friendly items:

Nerf Battle Royale
Includes an artillery of 9 Nerf guns in a variety of styles.
Cost: $35

Karaoke Party
Comes with a Singtrix home karaoke system, an extra microphone, a Kindle Fire (for reading lyrics), and a disco light.
Cost: $30

Perfect Playdate
Get a climb-and-slide ball pit perfect for babies and toddlers.
Cost: $50

Backyard Movie Campout
Includes movie screen, home theater projector, speaker system, four-person tent, retro popcorn machine (plus popcorn), four lounge chairs, an outdoor picnic blanket, and four sleeping pads.
Cost: $110

Family Scooter Day
Comes with two three-wheeled scooters and two two-wheeled scooters so your whole fam can zip around town on a new set of wheels.
Cost: $40 (toddler helmets can be added for $5 each)

Now you know how to become the coolest mom on the block (if you weren’t already)! Get your kid a Nintendo Switch for the weekend ($45)! Show your little aviators how to pilot a drone ($85)! And when Monday comes around, keep the memories but wave goodbye to all that stuff.

Who said being a minimalist was hard?

What kind of entertainment would you rent from Joymode? Share with us in the comments below!

— Melissa Heckscher

All photos courtesy of Joymode


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