Spring break is right around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to keep learning outside a classroom, and together as a family. LA is overflowing with activities where those little minds and bodies can work hard, make new connections and—most importantly—have fun. Whether at a new museum exhibit or a crazy parkour class, here are the coolest ways to get out there and enjoy the week “off” with your babes.

See Mastry and Masterful Works

Spring break is the perfect time to explore some of the city’s treasures that you might not otherwise have time for. Right now you can catch Kerry James Marshall’s Mastry: a retrospective of nearly 80 paintings of the artist’s work. Marshall is originally from the City of Angels and made his life’s work to make paintings featuring African-Americans in an array of stunning settings, historical moments in history as well as fictional characters. You can also catch Jonas Wood’s “Still Life With Two Owls,” a beautiful outdoor mural that now adorns the MOCA exterior along Grand Avenue. Plus, MOCA’s permanent collection is always a treat, featuring featuring the work of artist like Andy Warhol, Agnes Martin and and Jackson Pollock to name just a few. This large scale, bright art delights kids and expands grownups minds.

MOCA Grand Avenue
250 South Grand Ave.
Online: moca.org

photo: MOCA

What do you do to keep the old noggin noodling during vacations?  We’d love to know; tell us in the comment section.

—LeTania Kirkland Smith