Spring break is right around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to keep learning outside a classroom, and together as a family. LA is overflowing with activities where those little minds and bodies can work hard, make new connections and—most importantly—have fun. Whether at a new museum exhibit or a crazy parkour class, here are the coolest ways to get out there and enjoy the week “off” with your babes.

Get Them Moving Like (Controlled) Crazy

Chances are you’ve heard of Parkour, but perhaps didn't know that there were now classes available for kids. We're in LA! Of course there are. If you have a high energy person in your house, this is the answer to your wishes. Kinship Yoga in Highland Park offers Parkour for kids 5-10. The studio offers Parkour Play, which introduces the concepts behind Parkour and gets little movers working on obstacle courses and tasks while still leaving room for “wiggles and giggles.” Parkour Focus is a smaller class limited to 6 that gets down to business only when kids are ready. If you’ve ever been curious about the craze that is Parkour this is the perfect opportunity to get the family acquainted. Check Kinship Yoga’s website for more details.

Kinship Yoga
5612 N. Figueroa St.
Online: kinshipyoga.com

photo: Kinship Yoga

What do you do to keep the old noggin noodling during vacations?  We’d love to know; tell us in the comment section.

—LeTania Kirkland Smith