Spring break is right around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to keep learning outside a classroom, and together as a family. LA is overflowing with activities where those little minds and bodies can work hard, make new connections and—most importantly—have fun. Whether at a new museum exhibit or a crazy parkour class, here are the coolest ways to get out there and enjoy the week “off” with your babes.

See, Make, Learn and Explore

Even if school is out for you, it's in session at CAAM’s After-School Art afternoons, where guides lead kiddos and their parents through art projects that help teach about the work and artifacts that are living and breathing in the museum. Plus, CAAM is hosting a special Spring Break workshop week April 10-14 where they will be hosting special activities from 10 am-5pm every day. And while you’re there, make sure the family checks out the exhibitions on display. CAAM is featuring the work of Derrick Adams who explores the role of media in society, something we're all thinking about, even when not watching Black Mirror. You can also catch Trouble Every day 1965/1992, which explores the role of music in Civil Rights struggles and the power of rhythm and lyrics in times of struggle including the 1965 Watts Rebellion and the 1992 L.A. Uprising. (Speaking of which, Watts Towers is another fabulous spring break family outing!)

California African American Museum
600 State Dr.
Online: caamuseum.org

photo: CAAM

What do you do to keep the old noggin noodling during vacations?  We’d love to know; tell us in the comment section.

—LeTania Kirkland Smith