If you’re finding that there’s even more traffic on Lincoln lately, and that the cries from the cars are for “more croissants!”, it’s all due to this new spot that serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Kids and parents alike happily brave the bumper to bumper for a little burrata on toast and black rice salad.  We’ve been waiting for it, it’s here, and it’s kid friendly.  Superba Food + Bread is indeed superb.

superba_interiorFrom the family-friendly restaurateur/dad Paul Hibler (who redefined parental pizza preferences with Pitfire) Superba Food + Bread goes beyond the neighborhood bakery. The sweet doughy aroma of freshly baked specialties beckons babes to climb around the outdoor planters onto the patio and plop down for a fruity muffin of the day, buttermilk biscuit or homemade pretzel croissant. Roll up on your beach cruiser with toddler trailer and Fido in tow: Superba Food + Bread is just what the neighborhood ordered.

Superbafb_bread counterCommerce Meets Comfort Food
What to choose? On any given day Superba’s bakery counter touts a half dozen handmade loaves, from traditional French baguette to whole spelt to omega 3-rich chia seed sourdough spirals. Tempt your little ones with toast topped with homemade jam, made from the season’s freshest offerings. The signature pain au levain (like sourdough, yet lighter) is good all by itself, as most teething tots can attest, while older kiddos might opt for cheesy scrambled eggs to greet the day.  While the in-house bakery uses wheat in most of its breads, there are gluten-free options like their tasty sweet-tart lemon cake, made with rice and almond flour.

superbafb_frontPark or park?
There’s easy beach access from Superba’s corner (on the SE side of Marco Place), a veritable café campus, with oversized patio planters enticing little squirmers to climb and explore adjacent to the outdoor bench and bistro seating. The dedicated parking lot accommodates equal numbers of cars and bicycles, with ample stroller and scooter parking safely shielded from the line of traffic. In addition, there’s street parking on Lincoln for overflow so everyone can find a spot.  And with new shops popping up regularly (see the super-duper toy emporium Huzzah just steps away), you’ll be a regular.

Superba_in_outWatching the World Go By
Sit down, take a load off. Superba’s open. All day. Breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Giant glass garage-like doors roll up creating a seamless space, indoors joining outdoors. Your kids can cozy up to on a patio cushion while you kick back with a beverage; maybe a piping hot cappuccino with a vanilla brioche sticky bun big enough for sibs to share. Or take a break to sip something more relaxing during their nightly supper, ranging from rotisserie duck to fried chicken with biscuits. Delivery service is in the works.  Cue the Hallelujah chorus.

Superba_dogSuperba Food + Bread
1900 So. Lincoln Blvd (corner of Marco Place), Venice
Open: Mon- Sat 7 a.m. – 11 p.m., Sun 7 a.m. -10 p.m.
Online: superbafoodandbread.com

– Kim Orchen Cooper

What’s your favorite spot that serves B & L & D, where you can bring the kids?  Let us know in the comment section!