Sure, we’ve scoured the city for the best of the best in kid friendly fare, like pizza, burgers and sushi. We’ve uncovered gems where kids are welcomed and can expand their palates, like fabulous noodle houses and dim sum palaces. We can tell you tasty spots everyone will enjoy if there are food allergies in the fam, or if you’ve decided to go veg. But where do kids really, really want to eat?  We went to the source, and what we found out just might surprise you!


Yup, Kids Like Pizza

Pitfire Pizza
“Fettuccini Bolognese at Pitfire! The pizza too. The pink game* is fun.”
Lily, 4
*(The pink game is foozball. Lily’s mom also appreciates the good beers on tap and full bar, which just might be why they get to eat there frequently.)

800 Degrees
“I like the pizza at 800 Degrees because you can make your own pizza AND make you’re own drink and it’s like you’re in a fancy restaurant but you’re not even in a fancy restaurant!”
Sydnie, 7


“Miceli’s is my favorite restaurant because they sing and I love it when they sing the song from The Little Mermaid. It’s my favorite song. I usually eat lots of the bread and butter and then the pizza.”
Molly, 7

“The pizza is so juicy and the chocolate Sunday only cost $1!!!!!”
Julia, 7

Green Peas Casual Food
“They have a lot of good pizza there.”
Ronen, 5


But They Like Sushi Even More

Noshi Sushi
“My favorite place to eat is Noshi Sushi because it’s so great and I like the sushi rolls. they make them great and you should try them. When I go I eat cucumbers rolls and soup with rice. I like seaweed.”
Joseph, 5

I like all sushi! I get avocado rolls and cucumber rolls, because I like the avocados and cucumbers.”
Annie, 5

Mia Sushi
“The people who work there are nice to kids and the food is really good. Some of my favorite things to order are avocado rolls and tempura veggies.”
Faye, 7


Blue C Sushi
“Blue C Sushi is the best because it’s my favorite food and it comes on a belt. It comes around and you don’t have to wait. I love the cucumber rolls and inari.”
Jacob, 7

“I like if because they have sushi. The best is the eggs (smelt egg sushi).”
Zosia, 8

KiKu Sushi
“Kiku! I like the chicken.”
Roma, 3

“The food is so good there, especially the cucumber rolls. I like going there with my friends because it’s comfy and very elegant.”
Sophia, 8

“Conveyor belt sushi!”
Zachary, 4


And Other Asian Delicacies

“I love Xian because eggrolls!”
Zoe, 4

Fred 62 and Ocean Seafood
“I like Fred 62 best because they have great mac n’ cheese. Oh, and I like dim sum*, too, because you don’t have to order – they just bring the food to you in little piles and then you pay for it.”
Emma, 6
*Emma’s mom said that they always go to Ocean Seafood in Chinatown, so that’s what Emma is talking about.


“I love noodles and they have such yummy pho.”
Matilda, 8

The Palace
“I like The Chinese Restaurant I always choose for my birthday dinner. I like to order Chinese food there.” (Upon further prompting he claimes to like the beef and broccoli best.)
Porter, 4

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Burgers, BBQ & Sandwiches Rate Highly As Well

Five Guys Burgers
“Five guys burgers is delicious. Can we go there some day again? I like that you can eat peanuts before you get your food. I like that they make hotdogs. That is my favorite. Hot dogs. You pump ketchup from a bottle into small cups. You can give your hotdog a ketchup bath. I love the fries too. Plus peanuts. The end.”
Michael, 5

The Oinkster
I like the patio and watching the sunset. We always get the black beans and chicken. And they have yummy chocolate milk shakes.
Jem, age 4

“I like it there because it’s cool and they have hamburgers.”
Jack, 6

“I like sandwich.”
Her mother clarified that this refers to the bacon and egg artisan sandwich. When asked why she said “I love it.”
Eden, 3


Home Restaurant/Caffe
“The best thing to eat there is ribs! And the waitresses are really nice! And you can feed the Koi fish.”
Ever, 8

Fred 62
“They have the best French fries and milkshakes.”
Tuva, 4
Her brother Seamus, 6 agreed:
“You can color there and get milkshakes made with real ice cream. And it’s special because I go there with my mama on our dates.”

Dickey’s BBQ
They have free soft serve ice cream and kids can eat free. We like the turkey. “ (Mom says Gavin gets the turkey sandwich combo while Layla loves the turkey plate.)
Gavin, 8 and Kayla, 5


Some Kids Had Great Reasons for Their Picks

Modern Eats
“I love the pancakes and bacon we get for breakfast when we go with mommy and daddy to breakfast…and that good apple stuff they put on top”
Luella, 7

101 Coffee Shop
“101 Cafe! Because it has chocolate milk, and they have a plate with eggs and salmon and sour cream, and fish eggs on top! And a huge round potato. AND you can get a huge ice cream sundae.”
Luka Blue, 7


Rosti Tuscan Kitchen
“The food is just amazing and so are the mints after dinner!”
Ethan, 11

“I love eating at Rosti because they have perfectly cooked penne, and they always have a drawing contest!”
Rylee, 9

Fig & Olive
“I love the sofas for lounging on, and it’s so fancy. My favorites are the goat cheese and onion crostini, and the prosciutto and ricotta crostini. I like crostini.”
Penelope, 10


Mohawk Bend
“I love it because it looks cool and they have the best kids meal ever! The pizza is great and you get fruit, fries and salad, too.”
Matea, 11

Tropicalia Brazilian Grill
“They make the best salads.”
Fiona, 6

“Because of the noodles.  And it’s fancy.”
-Love, 7

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And Some Chose Chains That Made Their Parents Cringe

“Subway, because I like the commercials and the food. I mostly eat the sandwiches and the chips.”
Benjamin, 5

“The place with the trays has good Clam Chowder.”
Remy, 5

“I like Islands because I like the burger and fries and I get to watch sports.”
Oliver, 5

“I love McDonalds! Their food is yummy. I like the chicken nuggets and French fries and ice cream and Sprite and Diet Coke and water. But actually I can’t pick a favorite because I love sushi and all Mexican food and all pizza too.”
Adeline, 6


And Then…

“My favorite place to eat in L.A. is my house. Or Pollo Loco, because it’s close to our house. I like the Pollo Bowl, or the chicken nuggets.”
Jackson, 4

Where do your kids like to eat? And what to they recommend other kids order? We’d love to know. Chime in below!

Thanks to all the amazing Los Angeles parents who shared their kids answers and pictures!