Knock, knock? Who’s there? Olive. Olive Who? We bet olive you will enjoy these LA themed jokes that play with some typical Los Angeles tropes. Try out these knock-knocks while your kids still think you’re the ultimate comedian, then visit the quintessentially LA locales we’ve paired them with for some family laughs.

Yes, We Have Public Transportation

Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Aida who?
Aida taken the metro if I knew the freeway was going to be this crowded!

The traffic in LA is enough to make you cry, and we're not just talking about car seat trapped toddlers. So try taking the metro instead of your usual congested surface street or freeway route. You can even take it to Santa Monica now for a day at the beach.

Explore the Red Line.

Explore the Gold Line.

Take the Metro to the Sea.

photo: LeTania Kirkland Smith

Know any good knock, knock jokes? Take your crack at making them “LA themed,” in the comments below.

—Christina Montoya Fiedler

main image of laughing boys by David Amsler via Flickr