We might be a little biased, but we think Los Angeles is just about the best place in the world to be pregnant. From dressing comfortably to having creative carte blanche on naming your baby, here’s why Los Angeles is home to the happiest expecting mamas.


photo credit: Amber McNamara via Creative Commons

Getting away with wearing flip-flops and maxi-dresses all year long: Living in LA while pregnant means your maternity wardrobe is a breeze. Maxi-dresses feel amazing (and can be used post-pregnancy!). Flip-flops and sandals work in the mild weather all year and feel great on tired, swollen feet. Plus, not having to purchase a heavy maternity winter coat saves a bundle.


photo credit: Daniel Hoherd via Creative Commons

The best OB’s: LA mamas-to-be love their Obstetricians, many of whom trained at the best hospitals in the country. Access to the highest tech in ultrasounds and first class NICU centers bring peace of mind to even the most nervous first time mom.


photo credit: John DellAngelo via Creative Commons

Breathtaking locations for pregnancy photo shoots: Whether you want a mountainous country backdrop, a photo shoot in the forest, in front of an antique barn or at the beach, Los Angeles has some of the most jaw dropping scenery for capturing this incredible time.


photo credit: Prenatal Yoga with Cassie via Yelp

A variety of pregnancy-specific fitness classes: Staying fit during your pregnancy is a little easier when you have so many choices of maternity classes. From prenatal yoga to barre to pilates, there’s likely a class near you. Bonus: meeting moms having babies at the same time as you who also live nearby (essential to LA’ers who might want to avoid the freeway with pregnancy bladders or new babies) and interested in fitness!


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Open space and warm enough weather to get outdoors: Expecting moms in LA love the fact they can take a hike or walk any time of year, and they can make it as hard or easy as they like. Later, take your kiddos back to the places you carried them pregnant.


photo credit: The Cliffs Resort

Gorgeous getaways for babymoons: There’s no need for expensive air fare or uncomfortable 10 hour drive to get to a romantic, private getaway for you and your partner before baby comes. There are a slew of idyllic places in, or driving distance from, LA to enjoy.


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Keeping your pregnancy business private: As populous as Los Angeles is, during your pregnancy you may not want to have all of your business exposed. So while some deride our car culture, when pregnant, it’s a boon. Having your own space in your car on your commute means you never have to compete for your seat, you can recline a bit, sit however feels comfortable, be gross (you know you need to) and you won’t have your train seat mate staring.


photo credit: Holla Back via Creative Commons

No one balks at a preggo in a 2-pc swimsuit: It’s total sweet swimsuit freedom in LA, ladies! Here, no-one cares if you’re nine months pregnant rocking a bikini. In fact, it’s de rigueur.  Not only will you feel great at the pool or beach, you’ll save money not having to buy maternity swimsuits.


photo credit: Christian Haugen via Creative Commons

Anything goes for baby names: In a city where celebs name their children Lyric and Cricket, you’ll have full creative license to name your baby whatever you want without worrying he or she will have the most unusual name in the school. Who knows, that name may be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame someday.


photo credit: Brock Tice via Creative Commons

Healthy (and crazy craving) pregnancy eats abound: Whatever your foodie lifestyle, be it vegetarian, carnivorous, gluten-free, low-carb, you have plenty of options in local specialty food stores and restaurants to stock your kitchen with the healthiest of foods for pregnancy. Plus, those crazy cravings? Chances are there’s something open serving exactly what you want, when you want it.


photo credit: Cedars-Sinai

Giving birth like a celeb: Both UCLA and Cedars-Sinai have been designated “most luxurious birthing suites” in America by Parents.com. At UCLA you can enjoy a outdoors-themed room with a tuxedo wearing waiter bringing you food from your personal menu, at Cedars-Sinai you can enjoy a spa treatment in your room or a personal doula during your stay.

And finally, the coolest thing about being pregnant in LA?  You’re about to be an LA parent!  Welcome to the club.  It’s awesome.  If this is your first child, here are all the things a new LA mom needs to know.

What’s your favorite thing about being pregnant in LA?

—Shannon Guyton