For those lazy, stay-in-your-pj’s-all-day weekends there’s no better morning treat than a donut. This breakfast of champions is nothing short of an art form in LA, with varieties that come in every style and taste imaginable. From farm animals and Sesame Street characters to bacon and Fruit Loop-topped creations, we’ve got it all. Scroll through a few of the best donuts in LA that are guaranteed to make breakfast the highlight of your (and your kid’s) day.


Most old-school donut shops stick with the traditional recipes and one early morning batch that's gone when it's gone. Birdies is pretty much the opposite. This artisanal donut shop dishes up fresh batches of its unique concoctions every hour. Oh, and did we mention they also serve fried chicken? Their signature donut flavors include Strawberry Shortcake, Horchata Twist with Dulce de Leche, Candied Bacon Maple and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but every day the menu also features all kinds of specialty glazes and toppings to wow your donut connoisseurs.

Go Donuty For: You really can't go wrong with anything here, but kids will definitely be mesmerized by the artfully crafted specialty donuts, like ones adorned with galaxies and rainbows.

314 W. Olympic Blvd.

Colorado Donuts

Your Sesame Street fans will go ga-ga for the awesome specialty donuts decorated to look like their favorite little red monster and cookie friend. Cute and cuddly is not the only form Colorado’s fun-filled donuts come in though. They also offer creative concoctions that seem like they came straight from a five-year old’s mind, like cronuts crammed with Oreos and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, because why choose one flavor when you can have both?

Go Donuty For: The breakfast cereal-topped donuts, like Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms, will delight your sugar lovers and send you on your own trip down breakfast memory lane.

1578 W Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock

B Sweet Dessert Bar

Think you can't improve on the donut? What about one filled with ice cream? The latest confectionary craze sweeping the city is the donut ice cream sandwich and there's no better place to nab one than at B Sweet, one of the originators of this tasty trend. The Halo, as it's called, features ice cream of your choice heat-sealed inside of a glazed donut. We petty convinced the 'B' in B Sweet stands for Brilliant.

Go Donuty For: The Halo. Period.

2005 Sawtelle Blvd.
West LA

photo: Shahrzad Warkentin

Blue Star

This Portland transplant has swiftly become an LA staple. Despite being artisanal, crafted donuts, simplicity is the name of the game at Blue Star, which is what makes them so perfect for young palates. These brioche-style donuts are light as air so you won’t be left with that rock-in-the-pit-of-your-belly feeling after eating them. There’s no seating in this tiny Abbott Kinney storefront, so take your donuts on the go and walk off that sugar rush with a stroll on the boardwalk.

Go Donuty For: Simple flavors, like Sugar and Spice Cake, will be instant kid-favorites, while grown-ups and young bacon lovers will love the more complex, Maple Bacon.

1142 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Donut Friend

Kids love getting to make their own choices and at Donut Friend you can finally give them free reign with the DIY menu. Choosing from the buffet of donuts, glazes, toppings and fillings, your mini chefs can build their own personal creation to gobble. Their signature flavors, like Strawberrylab and X-Ray Speculoos, may be hard to resist so just plan to take a box home for later. If you want to enjoy your donuts outdoors, pay a visit to Smorgasburg LA, a weekly foodie paradise that often features the Donut Friend booth.

Go Donuty For: Anything goes when you can make your own! Go nutty with the DIY menu and create your own unique flavors.

5107 York Blvd.
Highland Park

Fantastic Donuts

The only reason to even hesitate ever taking a bite of these delightful donuts is that they are just so ridiculously adorable. "Cute Donuts" decorated to look like rotund pigs, bears, and cows (oh my!) are the house specialty at this K’town donut house. If you’re hoping to bring home a box of barnyard animals in donut form, get there early or call ahead and pre-order or you might miss out. Fantastic Donuts also does special orders for events so you can offer a unique dessert for your next birthday bash.

Go Donuty For: Cuteness overload is the way to go with a Pink or Blue Bear. Pre-order before you go and ask for animal donut holes to get a tiny bite of each adorable character.

Gold Plaza
1101 S Vermont Ave #113

Blinkie’s Donut Emporium

Blinkie’s has been a west valley donut staple since the ‘60s and it continues to be a daily hotspot for good reason. Though they offer a wide variety of donut flavors the simple, glazed black and whites are hands-down the best. Despite being large, these babies are light as air and won’t make you feel like you need a nap at 9 a.m.

Go Donuty For: This spot opens early and sells out of the best picks fast, so make the most of those early morning wake-ups and get them while they’re hot.

4884 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Woodland Hills

photo: Shahrzad Warkentin


These gluten-free tofu donuts may not look quite as jazzy as some of the other offerings on our list, but their simple, cake-like flavor won our kid tester's shinning approval. You won’t find any crazy toppings or icing of any kind on these Japanese imports that are baked, not fried. They offer common flavors, like chocolate and honey, or if you have an adventurous eater check out the rotating menu of limited flavors that includes soy sauce and coconut. They also have equally delicious vegan options.

Go Donuty For: You can’t go wrong with the honey donut that tastes like a miniature pound cake. Make sure you have them heat it up or pop it in the microwave if you take it home, as they taste better warmed up.

‪6800 Owensmouth Ave.
Canoga Park

Randy’s Donuts

Despite all the new pop-ups, LA is still filled with dozens of old-school donut shops that are well-worth a visit, and the most iconic by far is Randy’s. A glimpse of the giant donut sitting on top of the roof alone will excite your pint-sized donut lovers. There's no real space to hang out here, so grab a dozen of the classics and head over to the grassy knoll near LAX to watch airplanes land. Best morning ever.

Go Donuty For: You can never go wrong with a classic Glaze or a dozen of their giant Donut Holes.

805 W Manchester Blvd.

photo: Jennifer O’Brien

Voodoo Doughnut

The first LA location of this time-honored Portland donut tradition opened last summer and if you haven’t checked it out yet it’s a must-stop when you’re headed to the CityWalk. The first thing your donut-loving tots are sure to notice is the bright pink color everywhere. That, and the gigantic voodoo donut that greets you out front. The only sight more exciting is the donut case inside. With flavors like Grape Ape, Mango Tango, the Voodoo Bubble, Bacon Maple Bar, The Homer and The Loop (a donut covered in Fruit Loops), you will definitely fulfill everyone’s sugar fix. Luckily they also serve up Stumptown coffee so you can fuel up for the sugar rush that’s sure to hit soon after the first few bites.

Go Donuty For: All of them. But if you really must pick, then no kid can resist doubling down on the sugar with "The Loop": Fruit Loops and a donut all in one.

Universal Citywalk (adjacent to Universal Cinema)


Where do you get your donut fix? Tell us your family’s favorites in the comments below!

—Shahrzad Warkentin


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