For some, a summer with the kids at home (no preschool, no school, and yikes – now no naps!) is a daunting proposition.  But for our LA editor Meghan, it’s a race against time to see how many of the family’s favorite local summer attractions they can fit into the sunshine filled days before it’s time for first grade for her six year old twins. Click through the slideshow to see more about how this adventurous family likes to spend their summer vacation.

Gotta Get Away: La Jolla

As soon as kindergarten let out, the family took a long weekend mini-getaway to an easy and fun family destination: La Jolla. The kids adore visiting the rocky cliff to see the tide pools and the “stinky” seals, Meghan and her husband love lunch at La Valencia, and everyone enjoys a whole day riding bikes at the shores, stopping for a sushi dinner, and heading back to watch bonfires on the beach.

After all that fun, it was home again, home again, jiggety jig.  Time for Back to School and fall routines already.  What did you do this summer?