Gather the kids and get ready to test your LA trivia skills. Anyone care to guess how the Lakers team got it name? Or which Disney princess has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Keep scrolling to get the answers and discover more LA fun facts. They might just inspire some post-quarantine outings.

photo: Witchblue/Public Domain

1. In 1978, Mickey Mouse was the first animated character to earn a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Other characters with their own star include Minnie Mouse, Shrek, Winnie the Pooh and Big Bird. Oh, and Donald Duck, too!

2. Only one Disney Princess has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hint: She survived a poisonous apple. Yep, Snow White.

3. Can you guess how many street lamps make up the Urban Lights installation in front of LACMA? A whopping 202.

4. And all of those 202 lamps are the 1920s and 1930s and were originally spread throughout Southern California.

photo: Courtesy of the Security Pacific National Bank Collection – Los Angeles Public Library

5. It used to snow in Los Angeles and actually stick to the ground. The picture above is La Brea Blvd. in 1921. According to KCET, that kind of accumulation (with snow actually sticking to the ground!) hasn't happened since 1962. 

6. Can you guess which other two animals (besides horses) go round and round at the Santa Monica Pier Carousel?  In addition to the 44 hand-carved equine beauties, there's also a rabbit and goat.

7. The carousel was built in 1922 for the Venice Pier, but moved to its current Santa Monica location in 1947.

photo: Courtesy of National Park Service

8. Do you know how many mountain lions call Griffith Park home? Just one, actually. The famous P-22, who even has his own day, P-22 Day, in Oct. 

photo: Security Pacific National Bank Collection via Los Angeles Public Library

9. Another Griffith Park-related fun fact:  In 1966, more 2000 animals were moved from the Old Griffith Park Zoo (which was built in 1914) to the zoo's new location two miles away. 

10. During the 1930s, one of the old zoo's main attractions was Old Topsy, a camel with two broken humps. As lore goes, Old Topsy's humps were injured in a train wreck during his days with Ringling Brothers Circus, according to KCET.

11. You can visit Walt Disney's original barn and workshop, where he controlled his 1/8th scale model railroad. The barn was dismantled and rebuilt on the north side of Griffith Park, where it's now part of the Los Angeles Live Steamers Museum.

photo: Public Domain

12. Ever wonder how LA basketball team the Lakers got its name? The Lakers originated in Minnesota, aka “Land of 10,000 Lakes," before coming to LA in 1960.

13. More than 10 million people live in Los Angeles County—that's about the same as the population of the entire country of Sweden. 

14. According to a 2019 study, the average Angeleno spends 119 hours a year stuck in traffic. That's equivalent to five days. Yikes!

15. Most of LA's iconic Palm trees are not native to the area. In 1931 alone, Los Angeles' forestry division planted more than 25,000 palm trees, according to KCET.

16. Did you know the County of Los Angeles Fire Department's Forestry Division has used goats to reduce the risk of fires? The grazing goats clear brush along steep mountainsides.

–Shannan Rouss


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