Whether you follow a Paleo lifestyle or just need to find ways to balance your carb craving kiddo’s usual bagels and pasta diet with a little protein, we searched for the tastiest eateries from Highland Park to Hermosa Beach where you can get some good grub that’s Paleo (and kid!) friendly.

sourcecafephoto: Source Cafe by Rosie H. via yelp

Paleo 101
Not familiar with Paleo? Think of it as caveman eating. If they didn’t have it back then, you shouldn’t be eating it now. Say yes to fish, lean meats, nuts, fruits, and veggies. Say no to dairy, processed sugars, legumes (including peanuts), potatoes, processed foods and cereal grains. It’s a simple diet that makes for very healthy (and tasty) eating.  It’s also counter to the way many kids instinctively eat (grab and go packaged foods, cookies, cereals and sweets), so it’s a nice way to eat from time to time to shake up your eating habits, even if it’s not a diet your family follows strictly.

Source Cafe Hermosa Beach
No need to skip out on the bread just because you’re practicing Paleo. This place has an awesome Paleo friendly flax bread that will keep the kiddos, and parents, coming back for seconds, especially on their yummy toast options like avocado and cashew cheese or walnut pesto and citrus honey. There’s two sides of the menu: the edible garden with food options and the drinkable garden with juices and smoothies. Try the Bananza Smoothie with coconut milk, banana, almond butter, date, and chia seed or the Popeye’s Acaí with coconut water, acai, blueberry, spinach, date, and Paleo granola.

Good to know: Everything is clearly marked either gluten free, Paleo, vegan or vegetarian so there’s never a question as to what you or the kids are getting.

509 Pier Ave.
Hermosa Beach
Online: sourcecafehb.com

Trejo Tacophoto: Trejo’s Tacos

Trejo’s Tacos
Actor and all around cool cat Danny Trejo opened up his namesake restaurant just a few months ago, and families have been flocking to this taco joint ever since. With Los Angeles’ unique palate in mind, he made sure to add some great vegan, vegetarian and Paleo options. All of their tacos can be served wrapped in lettuce (Paleo safe!) or a corn tortilla (you can get this for kids who aren’t on board with greens). House favorites include the guacamole topped with pistachios and the ice-cold agua frescas. Don’t forget the ceviche—lime marinated, chilled shrimp and fish. There are toys and a play area for kids who finish eating faster than parents.

Good to know: Because it’s relatively new, try going at non-peak hours to avoid lines. Parking can be tough, so try side streets first. And don’t forget to bring home some cook swag.

1048 S La Brea Ave.
Online: trejostacos.com

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.51.17 PMphoto: Another Kind of Sunrise’s Facebook Page

Another Kind of Sunrise
Another Kind of Sunrise has a walk up order window that’s perfect for a morning breakfast stroll or stop on your way to the beach. Try their old fashioned bowls including the Brazilian Style Acia and the Paleo Granola. The non-dairy smoothies pack a vitamin punch that will keep you going through out the day. Eating healthy never tasted so good; just ask your kiddo as he slurps down the rest of his green smoothie. And you thought (hoped!) he was going to share.

1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
909-334 2567
Online: anotherkindofsunrise.com


amara sarin a yelpphoto: Sarin A. via yelp

Amara Kitchen
If you try just one thing at Amara Kitchen, be sure it’s the Paleo Pancakes (pictured above); made to be high protein and grain free with an egg and flax batter, they’re served with fresh seasonal fruit & whipped vegan maple “butter.” But kids don’t care it’s healthy and happily scarf these just as fast as their usual gluten and sugar laden cakes. Another favorite is the chia meal made with creamy almond milk & coconut soaked chia, served with fresh seasonal fruit & hemp. It’s perfect for toddlers who are just learning to table feed; no teeth required. For lunch, try their organic bison burgers (in a lettuce wrap) or veggie salads. Kids are always welcomed in this big airy space and leisurely lunches are encouraged.

Good to know: You are right by a new-ish park that we just adore.  Swing by York Park to run off those pancakes.

519 N. Ave 64
Highland Park
Online: amarakitchen.com



Stamp Proper Foods
If Martha Stewart made healthy havens, they would look like this. Created as a gathering place for the community to eat and enjoy whole, organic, healthy foods, Stamp Proper Foods is serving up delectable treats that kids and parents will love. From raw zucchini salads (the noodles are just curly zucchini ribbons) and super food smoothies and shakes, the menu has something for everyone. Daily soups (bison chili, anyone?) are served up piping hot (ice cubes on the side for the littles), with a plate of fresh greens. But don’t leave without ordering up a whole, fresh coconut. They open it up right in front of you and the kids can slurp out the sweet juice with colorful straws. If you’re not sure which offerings conform to Paleo or vegan dietary needs, just ask the helpful staff.

Good to know: It wouldn’t be an LA outing without a celeb siting. Stamp Proper Foods is popular with stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson, so keep your eyes peeled.

4500 Los Feliz Blvd.
Los Feliz
Online: stampproperfoods.com


top round bruce h yelpphoto: Bruce H. via yelp

Top Round Roast Beef
This old-fashioned roast beef joint has a modern twist that has quickly made it a neighborhood favorite. All sandwiches can be made protein style, which is sans bun and wrapped in romaine lettuce. Or you can just get the meat and toppings plain and added to any salad.  Our favorite salad is the every trendy and popular kale slaw, which even the pickiest of kids will devour, thanks to an organic, house made poppy seed dressing.

1000 S. La Brea Ave.
Online: toproundroastbeef.com

Sunlife Organics
With five locations through out Los Angeles, Sunlife Organics is a great place to pop in for a quick snack or a organic meal. A look at their berry and nut center fruit bowl menu suggests that they truly cater to the ever growing Paleo crowd. Acaí bowls are topped with fresh bananas, Paleo friendly granola, and shredded coconut. The kids will love the super food smoothie menu with drink names like the Wolverine, Green Man, and the Million Dollar Smoothie. Parents will love that they’re chock full of the good stuff—raw nut butters, cacao, flax seed, and homemade almond milk. And, if not everyone in your brood is on the Paleo bandwagon there’s cold sandwiches, hot paninis, and even a frozen yogurt bar.

Locations in Calabasas, Malibu, Pasadena and Thousand Oaks.
Online: sunlifeorganics.com

What are your favorite Paleo-friendly eateries around Los Angeles? Tell us in the comments below.

—Christina Montoya Fiedler