Strap on some marathon shoes because there is so much happening in Los Angeles this weekend that’ll you’ll be running from one place to another (in a good way). Check out the list below, grab your water bottles, sun screen and get ready for some epic fun.

sunflower girls field

photo: Joao Perini via Unsplash

Sunflower Picking at Hana Field
Enjoy acres and acres of beautiful sunflowers, zinnias, herbs and more at Hana Field by Tanaka Farms. Snap some beautiful photos and snip a few flowers to bring home with you. Bring your own cutting utensils (sunflowers have very thick stems, so bring a sharp cutter or serrated knife) and gardening gloves (especially if you have sensitive skin). All children must remain close to their parent/guardian at all times. Wear closed toe shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and long pants or long socks. Also, bees love sunflowers, so if you have an allergy, beware that there will be a lot of bees on the premises. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Grand Park’s Portraits of Freedom: Building a Life in L.A.
The month-long public art installation, Grand Park’s Portraits of Freedom: Building a Life in L.A. will feature photography and video exhibitions as well as a nighttime projection installation, illuminating Los Angeles through civic pride, identity and engagement while narrating cornerstone stories of the American experience. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience
Immerse yourself in the world of Vincent Van Gogh like you’ve never experienced before. Beyond Van Gogh is a rich and unique multimedia experience, taking the viewer on a journey through over 300 iconic artworks including instantly-recognizable classics “The Starry Night”, “Sunflowers”, and “Cafe Terrace at Night”, now freed from their frames. Set to a symphonic score and using the artist’s own dreams, thoughts, and words to drive the experience as a narrative, Van Gogh’s art comes to life by appearing and disappearing, flowing across multiple surfaces and heightening the senses with their immense detail. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony
Calling all aspiring Olympians to join in on the torch lighting parade during Pretend City’s Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony. This exciting event only happens every four years, so you won’t want to miss out! Take this opportunity to give your little one a better understanding of the history and significance of the Olympics. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

American Indian Art & Activism in CA
This exhibition features Native California artists who have used their work as a means of cultural resistance and renewal.  Collectively, the artists in this exhibition practice a version of activism that combines elements of traditional and contemporary society to call out racial and social injustice and to heal communities through cultural renewal. Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Watch Will Rogers Polo Club Matches
The 2,000-year-old sport is alive and well at Will Rogers State Park, where you can spread out a blanket to watch the hoofs pound past you at the last remaining polo field in Los Angeles. Located on the former estate of actor/cowboy/humorist Will Rogers, who was an avid polo player himself, the Will Rogers Polo Club continues this ancient sport every weekend now through September. Sat. Event details.

Jurassic Quest Drive Thru
More than 70 photorealistic dinosaurs are preparing for their Los Angeles encore as Jurassic Quest Drive Thru, the nation’s largest touring dinosaur adventure, migrates west for a limited-run return engagement – with new adventures! The Jurassic Quest Drive Thru guests now get to choose their own audio adventure! Safari Sarah’s highlights the tour with the rest of the crew serving up A BIG surprise for everyone at the end, or go along for a zany ride with Prehistoric Nick and Park Ranger Marty as they track a baby dino! Fri.-Sun. Event details.

Making Waves: Drop-In Activity
Bring the whole family in to enjoy activities based on the exhibition, Making Waves: Ocean Ecology & Craft. Younger visitors can explore the gallery with a scavenger hunt and discover a wide variety of art objects that celebrate the beauty of our oceans and showcase the way artists use eco-friendly materials in their practice.Guests may also create pins inspired by the sea life depicted in the art works using recycled and reused materials. This event is free and open to the public. RSVP for this event via event details. Sat. Event details.

Pasadena Symphony & Pops
The Pasadena POPS is coming back to the Arboretum with five exciting concerts this summer! This Sat. catch: Fleetwood Mac: A Tribute. Sat. Event details.

Monster Jam Family Fun
SoCal Monster Jam fans will witness a fierce battle for the event championship with each skilled Monster Jam athlete tearing up the dirt with gravity-defying feats in 12,000-pound Monster Jam trucks going head-to-head for points in Freestyle, Skills Challenges and Racing competitions. Sun. Event details.

L.A. Local Fest
Co-opportunity Market Culver City will be holding their L.A. Local Fest so you can connect with the community, explore their store, while enjoying delicious and nutritious product samples from over 20 local vendors. You’ll also get to meet some great organizations doing good in our neighborhoods. In addition to community organizations and product demos, there will be wine and beer tasting, live music, kid-friendly activities, giveaways, and more! Sat. Event details.

—Andie Huber


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