If you and your family have trolled Instagram lately, it’s likely one local ice cream shop has been dominating your feed. Downtown LA’s Little Damage has become infamous for their soft serve black ice cream since opening their doors earlier this year. And we made it our mission to get the scoop on what makes it so incredibly popular with Angelenos of all ages.

photo: @cynthiaparkhurst via @littledamage

What’s Your Damage, Heather?
Little Damage is a small, family-owned business that draws its inspiration from the rich cultural fabric that makes our fair city so special. The owners hope to offer customers something totally new when it comes to ice cream by featuring fun and unique flavors. And if the long lines down the block are any indication, they’ve more than succeeded. The idea behind the name ‘Little Damage’ refers to the shop’s soft serve which is prepared daily in small batches, using local ingredients supplied by organic dairy farmers, making it light and healthy without unnecessary sugar additions. See, you and your kiddos are doing “little damage” to your body as opposed to regular ice cream. Get it? Get it?

photo: Mackenzie Lenora via Little Damage

Come to the Dark Side
Little Damage’s dark colored black ice cream and hand-rolled waffle cones are what makes them truly stand out among the vast sea of LA ice cream shops. And the fabulous shade that tints your tongue will make it a huge hit with your Darth Vader loving offspring. Wanna know what give this treat its distinct color?  (Not distilled evil.) Activated charcoal. The owners use charcoal in hopes to educate the public about its many health benefits—again, this cool ice cream is pretty darn good for you (on the ice cream relativity scale). Owner Jenny Damage says, “It’s become a sensation and people have labeled it as ‘goth’ ice cream due to its color. We are not against the goth idea, we actually love and embrace it! It’s a fun theme.”

photo: Andy Chen via Little Damage

The shop itself is small and cozy, and limited seats are available inside. In trying to make the experience a blast for everyone, the owners have also installed a free photo booth where tots can show off their best black ice cream mustaches.

photo: Mackenzie Lenora via Little Damage

Crazy Flavors to Savor
Little Damage does not have a permanent menu since they rotate their flavors seasonally. Currently, they’re serving Dark Cinns (tasty cinnamon horchata) and Unicorn Tears (vanilla birthday cake, for those who can’t visit the dark side) and always feature a vegan option for guests who are dairy free. Little ones will also dig choosing from a variety of fun toppings like Fruity Pebbles, rainbow sprinkles, Oreo crumbs, and many more.

photo: Mackenzie Lenora via Little Damage

Lots of LA Love
Jenny Damage says, “Ice cream fanatics from across the country have been heading over and lining up outside the shop. We do tend to get busy so we advise getting in line early. We do not have any plans of opening another location anytime soon. If we do, we’ll make sure to announce it!”  Which makes us feel like the lines won’t be slowing anytime soon, and your best bet is to get there on the early side.  (Never a problem to convince the kids to go get ice cream RIGHT NOW!)  The shop is open Sunday-Thursday from noon–11:30 p.m. and Friday & Saturday from noon– 1 a.m.

Little Damage
700 S. Spring St.
Downtown LA
Online: littledamage.com

If you have a chance to check out Little Damage with your kiddos, let us know what flavors you like best in the comments below! And be sure to share your pics of your adventure on the dark side on Instagram: tag #redtricycle so we can see them!

–Jennifer O’Brien