You know you’re a Gen X parent when Back to School conjures images of Trapper Keepers, scented erasers and shiny new Mary Janes (the shoes, people). But as a parent, we’re thinking useful; the backpack that won’t fall apart, packing of the lunches day after day and the – ugh! – getting up early. These uniquely LA ideas make going back to school that much more fun.

Fashionable First Day

The gorgeous clothes from Blu Pony are inspired by fashion of the 1920-40's and the whole line is mixable-matchable with your own basic pieces, not to mention durable and superbly stylish. Local mom and designer Bonnie Matthews launched the line in Pasadena in 2010. The LA brand both supports and is sustained by local manufacturers and retailers. All that’s great, but honestly our favorite thing is that these will make your kiddo thrilled about her first day of school outfit, and will also give you pictures and memories that won’t leave you (or her!) cringing with imprints of logos or current characters.

Available online at, and at local favorite stores like Eggy, Poppy, Flicka and more.

Photo credit: Blu Pony’s facebook page

What are your secrets for making it easier to head back to school?  Meet you in the comment section to find out!