You know you’re a Gen X parent when Back to School conjures images of Trapper Keepers, scented erasers and shiny new Mary Janes (the shoes, people). But as a parent, we’re thinking useful; the backpack that won’t fall apart, packing of the lunches day after day and the – ugh! – getting up early. These uniquely LA ideas make going back to school that much more fun.

Rise and Shine On A Hot Day

One of the founders got the idea for this company because he was such an exhausted parent and a lot of "wake up" options out there contained ingredients he didn't like, ones that added chemicals, empty calories and lots of sugar. So he came up with the idea Marquis O3 – a natural, USDA-certified Organic, 0 calorie, 0 sugar energy drink. We think it’s perfect for back to school, when sometimes you don’t have time to make coffee in the morning, or you are too hot to drink it in the afternoon. This sparkling drink refreshes while it wakes you up enough to make it through another long, hot, late, soccer practice car-pool adventure.

Available online at and in local LA stores, like local Bloomingdales, Trimana, Rainbow Acres, Om Nom Organics and more.

Photo credit: Marquis O3

What are your secrets for making it easier to head back to school?  Meet you in the comment section to find out!