You know you’re a Gen X parent when Back to School conjures images of Trapper Keepers, scented erasers and shiny new Mary Janes (the shoes, people). But as a parent, we’re thinking useful; the backpack that won’t fall apart, packing of the lunches day after day and the – ugh! – getting up early. These uniquely LA ideas make going back to school that much more fun.

Spread the Love In the Lunchbox

Peanut butter is the perfect lunchbox food for many reasons: it doesn’t need to be kept hot or cold, kids love it, and it’s packed with protein. It's also often packed with sugar or preservatives. Spread the Love is a locally made, all natural and organic peanut butter slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar that comes in two flavors, Original and Cacao. Both have a hint of cayenne and cinnamon to keep it from getting boring, but the flavor isn’t overpowering and kids love it. Especially the Cacao, which makes them feel like they’re getting a peanut butter cup sandwich, but is completely healthy. Fun fact: the company was started by an LA couple who created it as a wedding favor. So many people wanted more of the Spread the Love spread that they launched a company.

Get your PB love online at or in select local stores like Erewhon.

Photo credit: Spread the Love’s facebook page

What are your secrets for making it easier to head back to school?  Meet you in the comment section to find out!