Many parents have trouble finding the time to shower, let alone start a business.  But somehow these entrepreneurs figured it out (maybe they don’t shower?).  For these mamas (and also a couple of kid-loving sitters) the kids in their lives were the inspiration for their local business that are a boon to other parents. Flip through and learn about these rock stars who turned their mini-mes into business muses.

Rabbit Ladders

If you want your kid's imagination to run wild, unleash her at Rabbit Ladders at Platform in Culver City. Mother/son duo Wendy and Ben Goodman bring you a high-end retail space/kid experience, unlike anything you've ever seen. When Wendy was five years old, her father lost his job, so she went around her Detroit neighborhood selling imaginary rabbit ladders. She informed her customers that daddy rabbits would use the ladder to access the kitchen window so that they could retrieve carrots to feed their families. Wendy and Ben decided to open Rabbit Ladders (the name is an ode to her five-year-old self) and create a space where kids could go and just be kids. Though it's designed as a retail store (with some incredibly unique clothing), kids are allowed and even encouraged to explore and run free (we're talking throwing the clothes across the store, free). Wendy, the mother of two adult sons, is a fierce protector and advocate for children everywhere. Her goal is to create a judgment-free gender-neutral space where boys can do things like try on dresses and frolick. Events for kids are held regularly at this magical wonderland. Be sure to check out their website for more information.

8840 Washington Blvd.
Culver City

photo: Rabbit Ladders

If your child were the inspiration for a new business, what would that business be?  We’d love to hear about what you think is missing from the LA parenting scene in the comments section!


—Janelle Connor