Many parents have trouble finding the time to shower, let alone start a business.  But somehow these entrepreneurs figured it out (maybe they don’t shower?).  For these mamas (and also a couple of kid-loving sitters) the kids in their lives were the inspiration for their local business that are a boon to other parents. Flip through and learn about these rock stars who turned their mini-mes into business muses.

Miles and Milan

Shennel Fuller, creator of online retailer Miles and Milan, found herself the recipient of some very odd baby gifts. One in particular, an “asymmetrical, post-apocalyptic, vegan leather sleeved jacket,” really stood out. And the kooky clothes didn't stop once her son was born. As she began shopping for her son Jackson, she became increasingly frustrated by the lack of stylish and comfortable options. Since most babies and young toddlers live in basics, Shennel, a former Converse, Levi’s and 7 for All Mankind exec, decided it was time to bring her minimalist and neutral aesthetic to the market. In a sea of loud colors and cutesy phrases, Miles and Milan (a new age take on Jack and Jill) has found a cult following of parents looking to dress their young children for both style and cuddling. The "Victory" box in either "Roll" (unisex) or "Petal" (petal sleeves for a feminine touch), includes five tee + bodysuit combos that will grow with your child—there's one size for each stage of development from 0 to 24 months and all the pieces are made in the USA. Now there's one stop shopping that's easy, stylish and comfortable.

What's the biggest challenge of starting your own business with a young family?
Time Management! Starting a business is like having a new baby. You have to nurture and care for it to keep it healthy and just like a newborn it keeps you up at night with worry. I do my best to set boundaries between work and family to always be present in the moment.

How about the biggest reward?
Seeing happy customers! The success and customer feedback is amazing, but I am most of all proud to look my son in his face and pass along the lessons that you can do anything you put your mind to, don't let fear be your road block, and you will learn so much from stepping out of your comfort zone! Cliche yes...but oh so true!


photo: Miles and Milan

If your child were the inspiration for a new business, what would that business be?  We’d love to hear about what you think is missing from the LA parenting scene in the comments section!


—Janelle Connor