Many parents have trouble finding the time to shower, let alone start a business.  But somehow these entrepreneurs figured it out (maybe they don’t shower?).  For these mamas (and also a couple of kid-loving sitters) the kids in their lives were the inspiration for their local business that are a boon to other parents. Flip through and learn about these rock stars who turned their mini-mes into business muses.


Finding childcare in LA is definitely possible. Sure, you may encounter hidden fees, bad customer service, and disgruntled employees but with perseverance and luck, you can find that perfect sitter. What's not easy is finding a reliable and quality caretaker in a pinch. Enter Helpr, the on-demand app that helps you find and book a thoroughly screened babysitter with as little as same day notice. Open 365 days a year, Helpr is the extension of University Babysitters which was founded well over a decade ago in Santa Barbara by two UCSB students, Becka Klauber Richter and Kasey Edwards. While they weren't parents, they watched the parenting landscape and found what was missing.

With the success of University Babysitters and the influence of on-demand ride-sharing apps, this dynamic duo wanted to create an app that would expand their business and brand to the LA market. Babysitters or "Helprs" as they're referred to in the app are: "Engaging professional and experienced babysitters. Helprs are positive role models with bright futures who bring compassion to the experience." At Helpr, safety is paramount, and all sitters undergo a thorough screening process that includes things like annual background checks, current CPR certification, and continuous community vetting. These ladies have a passion for caretaking and want to help your family exactly when you need it most. It's also genius for those weekend family getaways where you want a grown up night out without bringing along your trusty regular local sitter.


photo: Helpr

If your child were the inspiration for a new business, what would that business be?  We’d love to hear about what you think is missing from the LA parenting scene in the comments section!


—Janelle Connor