If your honey bunnies love rabbits—live, stuffed and ornamental ones—you can’t miss the quirky and unique Bunny Museum in Pasadena. Perfect for an Easter (or anytime) visit, the museum is a personal bunny collection turned Guinness World Record holder of a bunny heaven. If your crew thrives on uncovering hidden and unexpected gems in Los Angeles then hop no farther.


Step into Their Hutch
The museum is the personal collection of husband and wife Steve Lubanski and Candace Frazee. It began 20 years ago when Lubanski gave Frazee a stuffed bunny for Valentine’s Day in keeping with her nickname for him: “Honey Bunny.”  Since then they have given each other a bunny gift every day, which has amounted to a Guinness World Record collection of over 30,000 tokens of affection. Before you go, it’s good to know that The Bunny Museum is actually a “living museum,” which means that Frazee and Lubanski still live here and have opened up their Pasadena home to curious guests of all ages.

bummy museum 3

All Things Bunny
The first stop is the front room where your host, Candace will introduce you to the first two bunnies that started the collection. Their first live bunny, who is no longer with us, is also preserved and lovingly on display. Some young kids are fascinated by the keeping of a beloved pet, some are a little scared; so think about if this is something you want to point out to your little ones, or skip over.

Circle the room carefully and peek (but please don’t touch) into the multiple curios filled to the brim with glass bunny figurines. How many can you and your kids count?  As you step through the house you will encounter masks, plush toys, Easter candy sets, plates, cups, magnets and even bottles of wine in keeping with the bunny theme. While you peruse, your host will tell you about the couple’s bunny story and answer any questions you have.

bunny museum2

Hands On
It’s not all a hands-in-pockets place!  Little ones who like to touch will have a chance to interact once you are introduced to the museum’s three live bunnies: Jessica Doecent (yes, there’s a pun there), Shopper and Joker. The kids can grab their bunny money (see below) and feed the trio a snack. Then move outside to the backyard and add your own sidewalk chalk bunny to the collection. Finally, you’re at the Bunny Museum, so lose your inhibitions and hop down the bunny trail filled with bunny themed sculptures large and small.

bunny museum 6

Where to Hop
There is abundant street parking in the neighborhood. Museum visits are available every afternoon by appointment only, except on holidays when it is open to the public from 2 p.m.-7 p.m.

Adult admission is a suggested $5, and kids 4 and under only need to show up with “bunny money”: a bag of fruits or veggies to feed the live bunnies. Sign the guest list (you’re one of over 23,000) and leave any bags or coats in the bunny chest near the door.

bunny museum 4

Hours: Mon.-Sat. noon-6 p.m.; Sun. noon-5 p.m.
Cost: Kids 4 & under are free; 5-12 $5; 13 & up $12

The Bunny Museum
2605 Lake Ave.

Online: thebunnymuseum.com

What’s your favorite hidden, offbeat or unique museum in LA?  We’d love to hear about it in the comment section.

—written and photographed by LeTania Kirkland